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5 Happy Places for Lara Jean Song Covey

If you’re a fan of Jenny Han’s duology, To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You, you might happen to fell in love with Lara Jean’s spontaneous, charming and sweet personality. You also know that she’s into something girly and a whole bunch of stuff. There are so many things Lara Jean and I have in common! I bet you girls, too.

As a Filipina fan, I came up with happy places that Lara Jean might want to visit if ever she visits the Philippines… if ever she’s non-fiction… *sigh*

1. Bunny Baker Cafe

This may be a perfect place for Lara Jean and Peter, you think? :)

Bunny macarons. Aren’t these such cuties?

2. Heima

Lara Jean is into something cute and pastel. Heima may be the place for her to check some good cabinets to store her cute little stuff or maybe a chair and table to keep her company while she writes letters. 

Well, if it happens that she cannot pick from the designs, she can have pieces customized!

Heima also have paper products, Paper Club! I used to write my message for Jenny Han in a Heima notecard during the book signing.

3. Hey Kessy

She writes letters. She makes scrapbooks. She keeps things! Hey Kessy can be her haven for all things arts and crafts!

What’s not to love, Covey?

4. Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

I know she’ll love this place as much as I do! She might be baking pastries but I bet she’ll love what they have here!

These can be the place for the Song girls too! Or maybe with the whole gang since the tree house will be cut down. 

5. Snoe

Lara Jean loves make ups, right? Well, she can do her make up haul with Snoe products. Totes perf for her! The make ups, bath and body essentials come in awesome packages as well.

Get the browns on fleek, Covey! :)

These are JUST SOME of the places. I hope Jenny Han can pay a visit at these places when she visits Philippines once again.

Have you seen great places to hang out with? Do you think Lara Jean will love it too? Share me your thoughts! xx


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