Personal Posts

Here are pieces of me that are way too personal I just have to share.

Thoughts is basically for ideas or from the name itself, thoughts – that I can’t keep off my mind. I just need to let them all out! Have you ever encountered nails on a chalkboard? *jitters* Yeah, it just needs to stop!

Just like Lara Jean Song Covey – my fave character from my fave duology To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han- writing open letters is my thing also. In Dear You… lies my most inner and deeper self when it comes to love and loss, and crushes and theft. So dramatic! Kidding aside, it helps me to straight things out and have a tranquil state of mind. I write open letters because I am not yet brave enough to say these things to the guy/s personally. But I don’t want them to know I am firing shots. And I do not know if they’ve read it or knew these are indirectly addressed to them.

Experience is for my little means of adventure. They are something to look back to and these are the moments I got very excited. I don’t know if they seem great to you, but they are mine. Wonderful memories to keep and to inspire me to let life occur to me.

Arianne  Ari *ugh*

Call me Arianne or Ari, yeah whatevs! xx


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