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5 Accountancy Cuties to Motivate You

Others are taking the time off and doing their thing – maybe doing nothing at all because it is semestral break, dude! But there are still students who need to study, just like the sophomore students of Far Eastern University – Makati majoring in Accounting Technology who will be taking their qualifying examination. Once they… Continue reading 5 Accountancy Cuties to Motivate You

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My Friends on the Web

Most people nowadays are on the internet. Everyone owns at least one account on social networking sites – with Facebook as the most common avenue. If you do not have one, it seems like you do not exist. I usually get my everyday news and trends through the links shared online. And yes, you and… Continue reading My Friends on the Web


Movement. Motion. Shift: The Steampunk Enthusiast

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” This is an artist’s mantra. Not everything was smooth sailing before he reached the comforts of his destination. He went through the moments of despise and inhibitions but he kept going. Rondelle Lascano, a 22-year-old Architecture graduate of Mapua Institute of… Continue reading Movement. Motion. Shift: The Steampunk Enthusiast