About Me

Here's my blog header! Check out ariannewritessstuff.wordpress.comMy name is Arianne.

You may think that my introduction was way too juvenile and commonly used by grade-schoolers, well I did it anyway. Now, I am a three-lettered named young adult. Well, three is better than two I guess. They call me Ari. Being called by Ariana Grande’s nickname is strange, but trust me -I’m not a huge fan of hers, I’m more of Taylor Swift- it’s the one of normal things about my life right now.ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.com

I was a fan since her curly-long-hair, cowboy-boots, 13-on-her-hand, song-lyrics-on-her-arm, performing-with-taylor-guitar, sparkly-dresses and Meredith-was-her-only-cat days. Her foreword in “Speak Now” urged me to jot down my feelings, thoughts and memories. So every year, I have this journal to keep them unforgotten.

Even probably telling you this is not smart. But my lack of filter gets me somewhere. No one would know that a nineteen-year-old, was responsible for a lot of things you never know much of. No one would know who exactly I am writing for the whole world to know. And that someone may receive positive or maybe morbid feedbacks. And it’s important that you know, so you’re not next. I meet a whole bunch people and there are a lot of things happening as I am residing here on planet Earth.

There may be a lot of aspiring writers out there, some are known while others are hiding in the dark. I am not that great, I always seek for improvement but I want to make things happen. I let life occur to me. To those who wanted to write, to express themselves and to share what they feel, maybe we both have same hopes and dreams. The only difference is that, I make things happen. I do not wait for life to happen to me, I may take small steps but I take a leap more often. I let others know what I have in mind so that they know they are not alone.

I do not know what the beginning was, but I’ll share what you deserve. I let life occur to me.



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I’ve read this page and couldn’t help but notice the ABS-CBN logo on your photo with Jenny Han. Like, omg, are you a Filipina?! Because, the feels. Haha. Sorry if it’s too sudden! But hello! LOL :D

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      1. Yeah! Haha. To think about it, my comment is kinda creepy, in a way. Sorry about that. Haha. LOL. But it’s nice meeting you anyway! Have a nice day! :)


  2. Thank you for enjoying my We Can’t be Right All the Time blog. Some of us should stop and think then they may not make the same mistakes. If we had all of the answers, we wouldn’t have been born. I’ll read more from your blog too.


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