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18 Lessons from 2018

There were no regrets from my past that I sheltered or deprived myself from all these experiences. In waiting, I prepared myself. Once I’ve known I was ready, my adamant self finally ceded and decided to let life occur.

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Livin’ a Chocolate Dream

The Chocolate Cake everyone’s obsessing about.


Behind the Lens with Nigel Ebio

A couple of weeks before my semester ended, I asked my good friend Nigel Ebio if I can write about him. I write about people I know and somehow close to, whose passion and commitment towards something they really want is on fire! In other words, these people fascinate me and never failed to give… Continue reading Behind the Lens with Nigel Ebio

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Savoy Hotel Manila Experience

If you need a place to kick your shoes off somewhere near NAIA after your hours of travel, or maybe after a long day of strolling and gaming, Savoy Hotel has got you covered. Being located in Newport City, Savoy Hotel guests have a convenient access to the luxury mall, resort and casino, and even… Continue reading Savoy Hotel Manila Experience