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9 Reasons Why You Have To See Paper Towns

wHiLe MaRGo rOtH sPiEGelmAn haS 9 tHinGs sHe neEdS tO Do, i GivE yOU 9 ReAsoNs whY yoU haVe To SeE PaPeR tOWnS:


1. It’s another John Green novel coming to cinemas!
2. You have to compare the book from its film adaptation. Book nerds strongly agree with me :)
3. Remember when the net gone wild when Margo casting was announced? Your questions about how great Cara is being Margo will be answered. By only you. *but she somehow nailed it!*
4. Because I have seen it and I’m highly recommending you to watch it!
5. Remember this: You’ll always find the side kick cute in his ways. In most movies!!!
6. Get inspired with their road trip! Not that you’ll do exactly what they’ve done but yeah, #squadgoals!
7. Scout for potential characters for the next John Green movie, “Looking for Alaska”. See, Nat Wolff was once Isaac. So maybe…
8. You’ll be looking forward for more stop overs at convenience stores. Trust me.
9. WHY NOT? I’ve seen it and it’s great! You just have to. Just because.

Thoughts about my blog post or even at the movie? Leave replies below. I love to hear from you!


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