Movement. Motion. Shift: The Steampunk Enthusiast

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”

This is an artist’s mantra. Not everything was smooth sailing before he reached the comforts of his destination. He went through the moments of despise and inhibitions but he kept going. Rondelle Lascano, a 22-year-old Architecture graduate of Mapua Institute of Technology and currently a site architect, shared that you must invest time. You need passion and commitment in whatever you do, this may be cliché as its sounds, but it’s accurate.

Do you ever think you’ll be able to see such exquisiteness if he lived in his moments of despise and inhibitions?

'The Imperial Nautikos'

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Everyone interprets art in their own way, not everybody can engross imagination and creativity the way an artist does. Rondelle uses Steampunk concept, he admittedly say that he can’t actually explain what made him into that idea. He supposed that it was due to his love for vintage stuff – the way it relaxes him when his eyes affix on the blank sheet of paper while creating his work of art – made him hooked into the steampunk theme and concept.

Another awesome booksale find! 😁👌 #Steampunk #book #drawing #HowToDraw

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He elaborated more on his theme saying,

It reminds me [of] gears. It symbolizes movement, motion, SHIFT. You need to work if you really want something… Your dreams or your passion for something will not move for you, you will be the one who needs to work for it. Kasi personally I never imagined I would be good in this kind of stuff. Pero I really love to draw. So even though no one would like my drawings I never stop doing it. Kasi in the first place of I’m happy with it then that’s all that matters. *insert grin emoticon*

He joined contest to show off his talents. View the slideshow.

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Do what you love, be an inspiration to others not just aiming for fame. Wanna know his greatest weapon? Everything should be for God’s glory and honor. 

Connect with Rondelle!

Photography Instagram Account: @rooonsworld

Blog: rooonsworld

Project ArtShack: Rondelle Lascano

 Perosnal Instagram Account: @ronlascano

*all photos (c) Rondelle Lascano*

Have I left you in awe? Thoughts about my blog post today? I would like to hear from you! xx


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