DIY Crafty Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you gotten your loved ones their Christmas presents? Well, if you are one of the persons who cannot stand the Christmas rush and traffic and getting presents for everyone seems so hard, why don’t you make them?

Create gifts for your loved ones this holiday! DIY Ideas at

Here are simple yet thoughtful DIYs for you to work on. So start checking out your wood shed, opening your drawers and flexing your fingers for some fun gift making!

1. Polaroid Photo Magnets 

We capture moments and later share it for the whole world to see. But isn’t it a better idea if that photo can remind you of how great you felt at that very moment?

Perfect for: your mom (aside from the fact it’s a Mother’s Day present idea), your wanderlust bestie and your other half

2. Monogram Mugs

Imagine: hot creamy chocolate topped with some soft marshmallows. Yum! This sure is your best bud during sweater weather. It’ll totes be better if it is served in a personalized monogram mug!

Perfect for: your folks, someone who is an all-nighter and your friend who is a fan of hot choco and coffee

3. Sparkly Nail Polish

Holidays aren’t just about red, green and white! It’s also about sparkles. Help embellish someone’s nails by giving them a bottle of nail lacquer with a cheery holiday greeting as well.

Perfect for: your best friend and your fashionista gal

4. iPad Case

Give someone a one-of-a-kind present to house his or her gadget.

Perfect for: your techie friend and your brother/sister (most importantly give it to someone who has iPad *wink*)

5. Bookmark

It may be cliche giving away tiny pieces of cardboard as bookmarks. Why not put things in another level?

Perfect for: your bookworm buddy and someone who likes to save cute little things

6. Gifts in a Glass

A fun creative way to give a present is the way how it comes in its package. Stuff all the things that your special someone loves and you’re all set!

Perfect for: everyone! hmmm… I think it’s best for someone who like almost everything!

7. Candles in a Jar

Send someone a relaxing vibe these holidays with candles in a jar. Maybe he/she can use it during their candlelit dinner. *wink*

Perfect for: your folks, your aunt and your friend

8. Chocolate Spoons

Sweet treats are always a-must! Try these fun holiday treat and satisfy a sweet tooth!

Perfect for: your kids, your nieces/nephews and just any other kids you know of

9. Paper Cuts

Paper cutting is taking the world of arts and crafts these days. Why don’t you give it a try and send your work of art to you loved ones with your holiday message inside? Or maybe you can have it framed so it’ll last for a longer time.

Perfect for: your best friend and someone who appreciates art and detailed efforts

10. Express Your Love

This is the last, the best and easiest present you can ever give!

Trust me, there’s no other perfect present in the world other than knowing that someone appreciates you and sees the real you. So for the holidays, why don’t you let someone feel special more than ever?

Perfect for: your parents, your other half, your very best friend, your crush (if you have the brave soul) and for someone whom you think deserves to hear your words


Have I helped you in some ways? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you! xx


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