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3 Places to Eat When in Baguio



When in Baguio (1)

When you go some place, you are to experience a new ambiance, awakening culture and most especially a variety of food to try.

So when my friends and I were at Baguio City, we scouted for places which  Metro Manila doesn’t have. We go for the local restaurants, the ones that only Baguio can offer!

First on my list is Little John’s Convenience Outpost.

Undecided to have our first-ever breakfast in Baguio as a team, we went for what Mr. Taxi Driver recommended! He told us that they serve huge burgers, you just gotta share. And he was right that it is very sulit or everything is worth our peso!

While waiting, unleash your creativity by doodling on the paper place mats. And what do you know, your work of art is displayed on their walls. The place is very close to nature. In fact, right outside the window is your nature view! *oops! sorry I failed to take a photo*. Create art and shoot photos while waiting for your food because once it is there, you cannot say another word but to indulge and satisfy your taste buds.

Our breakfast was not so bad and it’s perfect to jumpstart the entire day!

here's what we have at Little John's. Check more of it at

Baby Back Ribs, Cheeseburgers and fries and one glass refill of Lemonade

Little John’s Convenience Outpost is located at Mile Hi Center, Camp John Hay.

To stay warm on the chilly temperature of Baguio, a coffee would be a nice companion.

We’re lucky enough to have a coffee shop near our hotel. This two-storey cafe is full of cute and artsy interiors, which makes Always Bean Cafe terrific for your hangouts!

Always Bean Cafe up on my blog at

Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato and a Frappuccino, oh! for the love of coffee, teamed up with their cookies makes an afternoon bond with friends a captivating one.

Always Bean Cafe sits along EDY Building, Kisad Road

Your ultimate Baguio experience is not complete without going out at night. In case you are to shop at the night market of Session Road, why don’t you have pizza as well?

Or if it so happened that your tummy grumbles at 12 midnight or later, there’s a pizza place who has open doors just for you!

Pizza Volante is popular among residents and tourists of the city. It is open whenever you feel like it! It is open for 24 hours. It serves a variety of affordable pizza and pasta dishes.

when in baguio, you just have to eat here!

Here’s a Kenny George pizza, Pesto on pasta with roast chicken, coffee with ice cream (to add the creaminess) and a glass of fresh Calamansi juice.

Pizza Volante has three branches; Session Road, Camp John Hay and near the Wright Park

These are just 3 of the places we’ve been to and this is my top 3 fave! I hope to share more to you next time and don’t forget to leave a message, I always love to hear from you! xx



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