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Yes, B! It’s Big B Burgers

Check out my blog post about this great burger joint! Visit my blog at ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.comThere’s something about the way of eating has gone differently. Nowadays, due to the effect of the Internet everything must be perfect, unique and well yeah, Instagrammable! 

For us, Millennials, whenever we came across with the term “maginhawa”, we thought of something relaxing, convenient and comfortable – because those are the English counterparts. Well, I do not need to elaborate further. *wink*

 In case you’re living under the rocks and fossils of the earth, Maginhawa is a street in Quezon City, Philippines. Quezon City birthed a variety of restaurants and fast food joints . Those aren’t your typical diners because each comes with quirky and innovative theme. Perfect for hipsters, in case they wanted to have a taste and glimpse of something unusual and later hype it up. And for indie persons lurking for some place,which suits their personality – rare and staying out the mainstream lane.

It’s really hard to choose where to eat first, trust me! My colleagues and I drove to and fro the street and saw all the restos but we cannot decide where to stay. Seems like everyone has different wants but we need to find food where everyone is fine with. Something affordable and worthy of our trip!

One of us has been to a burger joint and so we  decided to stay at Big B! It is not located along the streets of Maginhawa, but it is just a long but bearable walk or a minimal drive.

Do not settle for less. Go for something big!
Do not just leave someone. I mean something, unattended.
Check out my blog post about this great burger joint! This photo is from Ivan Carrillo. Visit my blog at
Do not settle for less. Go for something big!

They are known for their “hugot lines” as part of their interiors. Everything is in monochrome which adds to its eerie yet classic ambiance.



I find it eerie because it’s sort of uncomfortable and kind of suffocating. But there are fans to keep you company. Electric fans, I mean.


Big B Burgers served delightful and unique burgers! Visit my blog post at

Everything is a must-try at Big B! But one step at a time my dear! Here’s a half pound of Big B. Let out your inner abnegation and it’ll lessen the price if you share.

Do not forget to inject some of their Awesome Sauce, it is awesome you just gotta try.

Their Pink Potion drink which is a water-based pink lemonade. While Pink Potion with Feelings is something carbonated. Why with feelings? One of their staff will perform something according to feels you have at the moment. It’s kinda hilarious!

Speaking of feelings, I highly recommend Poutine ng Ina Mo. I am not cursing, alright?! It is basically a bowl of FRIES, gravy and mozzarella cheese! It is so delicious, you can even curse. The name gave justice to the dish, I guess. But if you wanted moooooore, Poutine ng Ina More has a greater serving.


We may have left the table in misery but our bellies were indeed happy! Do not remain under the rocks and fossils, get up and take yourself to Instagrammable places.

Visit them at 4-B Magiting Street, Teacher’s Village, Diliman, Teachers Village, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Some photo credits to Krisna Gimeno and Ivan Carrillo.

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