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2016 in Retrospect

If you asked me a few weeks back, I’ll tell you right away without even hesitating that my 2016 sucked. You may be expecting me to join the bandwagon by tweeting something like, “2017 please be good to me”. But nope, I’m not one of them. I’m only telling you that because I was so consumed… Continue reading 2016 in Retrospect

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Goodies from Serenitea and Loacker

“Matcha is not as bad you think, some may say it’s like eating grass but hey, having hazelnut taste on your drink has brought it to the next level!” Part of my caption had those words when I entered Serenitea’s Instagram photo contest. In that contest, you have to post a photo of your Serenitea… Continue reading Goodies from Serenitea and Loacker

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Moleskine Pop-up Store: MoleskinexAnina

There is no harm in trying. That’s what I always tell myself whenever I see Instagram giveaway contests. If you happen to be one of my usual blog readers, you know in some ways how lucky I am in winning such. Lucky – well, that’s the term my friends use more often. So recently, I… Continue reading Moleskine Pop-up Store: MoleskinexAnina

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Book Signing: Morgan Matson

Amidst the highly and ever demanding academics – well, I can’t protest because education is essential– an eager fangirl, who swore months ago that she’ll be absent on the upcoming book signing event, has managed her time for her major exam and meeting the international author she tweeted a bunch of times.