The Best Kind of Love

I know that when I open my heart, strip away the prejudices of cynicism and let life surprise me, I will be prepared to feel and deserve the best kind of love.


Questions That They Always Wanted To Ask Me

Friends know me for being such a talker. Okay fine, I’m talkative. But I see to it that my lack of filter gets me somewhere, like winning friends and having a great conversation. Despite of all the exchanged knowledge and shared moments, I believe that they are still curious about me or something.

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March Faves

I’ve been overwhelmed with a lot of circumstances that I’m not sure how to share it in non-giddy ways. Read my March 2017 favorites!

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2016 in Retrospect

If you asked me a few weeks back, I’ll tell you right away without even hesitating that my 2016 sucked. You may be expecting me to join the bandwagon by tweeting something like, “2017 please be good to me”. But nope, I’m not one of them. I’m only telling you that because I was so consumed… Continue reading 2016 in Retrospect