The Best Kind of Love

Let me share you what I’ve written a couple of months ago. In between the days I’ve written this, I’m pretty sure that I was sober. Kidding aside, I wrote this as a draft in one of the Instagram contests I joined. What was planned to be a caption, turned out to be something else.

This writing is a real shocker!  Like, Self, was this really you? Where in yourself did you…? Did you just…?

From Arianne’s Muji Bullet Journal

I’ve always been fond of stories which focuses on destinies, from novels or real life experiences. I’m amazed by how a very insignificant detail you can think of fits perfectly to solve and finish the puzzle of your life, like one stolen glimpse from this guy can change everything. I believe that love – the best kind of love comes when you least expect it. Maybe that’s why the right one hasn’t come yet – because I search for him in every crowd. I have these assumptions, I tend to make something out of the fleeting moments.

Maybe the right guy is the one whom I shared the elevator ride with, or maybe this guy in the Art Fair who appreciated and stared at the painting at the same time as I did, or maybe this guy that I saw at the book signing event last year whose identity is still unknown. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the guy that I haven’t talked to personally but talks to me in my social media accounts.

Okay, you may think it’s weird and insane. But I am a sapiosexual, I’m fond of intelligent guys. I may be a talker but I prefer guys who keep the conversation going. I love it when guys challenge me intellectually. The looks can be deceiving but they fade, knowledge is forever! I will never get tired to get to know him. If he’s going to be part of my future, I’ll be ready to go through his past.

Over the years, I may have been presumptuous. You cannot blame me for being one. In my twenty years of existence I’ve waited and still nothing. I’m not impatient. And that doesn’t mean that I am lonely – maybe this is all just the idea of me not being ready yet or that I always find myself in an unsettling situation.

Whatever may happen or is happening, I know the right one is just around the corner, and we’re both waiting for the clock to strike at the right time. I know that when I open my heart, strip away the prejudices of cynicism and let life surprise me, I will be prepared to feel and deserve the best kind of love.



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