Questions That They Always Wanted To Ask Me

Friends know me for being such a talker. Okay fine, I’m talkative. But I see to it that my lack of filter gets me somewhere, like winning friends and having a great conversation. Despite of all the exchanged knowledge and shared moments, I believe that they are still curious about me or something.

So I messaged some of my friends if they got questions they always wanted to ask me. I told them that I’ll try to answer suitable and fine ones here on my blog. Or if not, I’ll just send them my answers privately.

The queries are actually surprisingly great! I find some of them way too personal and nostalgic but anyways, here are the questions that you might be interested in seeking answers to:


Blogging isn’t just about photos. It’s also about your opinion about some issue or just a sudden thought you have. When it comes to a personal blog, anything goes!

I’ve been keeping and writing in a journal since I was 14. My early journals are homes to my thoughts and articles about lifestyle. I once dreamed of becoming a Candy Magazine Editor-in-Chief, so I practiced writing articles when I was younger but these articles were for my eyes only, I was afraid to join journalism club/organization in high school.

 At 15, I discovered bloggers like Vern Enciso, Verniece Enciso, Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co. I’ve been following them since days and fashion blogging wasn’t a big deal those times. They were the ones I first followed on Instagram! I’ve been an avid fan of Louise Roe and Lauren Conrad, too. They made blogging so easy yet it needs full time commitment. I was not that confident to post my #OOTDs at early teenage years but my best girl friends call me the “fashionista” gal in the group.

Pinterest also widened my perception in the blogging community, blogging isn’t just about clothes, bags and shoes. In blogging, anything goes. It can be life lessons, self-encouragement, arts, books or anything that you fancy! Just be yourself,  post some thoughts, and you’re good to go!

Question they always wanted to ask me | Who is your style icon?

I don’t have anyone in particular as my style icon. The fashion bloggers I mentioned above are the ones I adore but I’m not into much fashion-following. Most styles are my own, I mix and match pieces in my wardrobe. One thing I learned from these bloggers is to invest in quite pricey yet good qualities and not just settle in buying the cheap trashy ones. But most days if I’m not that loud at my social media accounts, I’m creating boards and pinning fashion ideas to my Pinterest.

Question They Always Wanted To Ask Me

I would be a psychologist! I may be a talker, but I’m a huge listener – I love to listen to other’s stories. Understanding where they are coming from – my empathy has gotten me somewhere back in high school, pretty sure I still have that until now. Moreover, I also would love to be a day care teacher! I like taking care and spending time with toddlers. Basically, I love learning from different ages.

Question They Always Wanted To Ask Me

IDK why but I was really taken aback whenever I read this sort of question or something similar. My friends know me for being part of NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) club and they are pretty much excited in knowing if I’m into a guy. Having a boyfriend this year may be a tough one, I may be graduating from college this June but I’ll continue studying for a double degree. But if it’s in God’s plan this year, then so be it! Kidding. Being into a relationship isn’t something you decide overnight, I won’t dive into the feels at the moment. Not just yet. Not this year. But I surely will someday.               

Question They Always Wanted To Ask Me

Peter K or Peter Grant Kavinsky is a fictional character based on the NY Times Bestselling novel To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. Peter is a typical teenage guy whom everyone adores; girls at school has a crush on him and even those girls’ moms like him as well. He is tall, a lacrosse varsity and the Prom King *swoon*. Well, you can picture him as a typical f*ckboy but his personality is more than that.

As I was reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You during their publication dates, there wasn’t any specific guy that I can relate to Peter. Not even celebrities. I don’t know much guys from high school, let alone college, that is Peter-ish. But Peter’s quirkiness and manliness reminded me of someone when I was reading Always and Forever, Lara Jean. This guy isn’t of the f*ckboy vibe. He’s quite tall and add the fact that a lot of girls like this guy but he’s not into sports. IDK if it’s just the timing or is it just because the feels are there.And yes, finally someone I know personally reminds me of Peter!

These are some of the questions I chose to answer right away. But if you got some questions, just comment them below or send me private messages. There are more interesting questions left unanswered, they need intense thinking and drafting, though. Kidding! Just hang on in there, I’ll post another one soon enough.

Thoughts about my blog post today? Or some minor clarifications? Comments are always welcome :)) Let life occur! xx


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