Open Letter: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

To all the boys I’ve loved before,

Open Letter TATBILB

You’re probably wondering why I chose to write this letter instead of telling it straight to your faces. It’s not because I’m wary, maybe a little bit nervous, but because I never had the chance to. I know I never stood a chance to be one of your girls, but you guys will have a reserved spot in my heart.

You guys were my happy crushes. You made the life of little girl in me pretty much exciting. You were the ones I waited for everyday and thought to myself that it’s easy to steal quick glances from you. I don’t know how you guys sent butterflies directly to my stomach when we’re just having these playful conversations. I sure miss the lively banters anytime of the day, and with that you were once my favorite notification.

As much as I keep my feelings, perhaps they won’t grow. Maybe it did not. Maybe it wasn’t love at all. But thank you for those unrequited loves, because I know for sure that I am preserved for and well-deserved by someone.

P.S. I’m not ignoring you for the luxury of it, but I just have to.

Always but not forever,

Arianne Jane

This was originally posted as a caption in one of my Instagram posts.

Let life occur to you! :) xx


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