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Happy 2nd Anniversary

My blog just had its 2nd anniversary yesterday. I haven’t posted anything since the year started basically because I’m too consumed with my life situation that I’m not really brave enough to talk about. I haven’t even written anything personal on my journal. It sucks being a rememberer and not a writer (sometimes). I tend to think of something or this certain situation but I easily forget how that moment felt.

This blog reached its second year and gosh, I haven’t posted or done anything to celebrate the milestone until now. My Instagram bio pretty much tells everything about me.

Current life stage: Adulting with a sudden hint of idk-what-I’m-doing

I may be in my early year of adulthood, yeah because I just turned 20, but I can’t believe that I am so confused with my life that I’m always running in circles and end up lost in the moment. When I was younger, let’s say around 18 to 19, I thought I had it planned out. I used to have this drive and passion for life – I let life occur. I love serving others, attending events, writing about EVERYTHING, trying calligraphy, figuring things out happily…

But now, I’ll be leaving school in a few months and this adulting is real! I still can’t figure out what I want and what is for me. I have lots of everything on my plate that I don’t know where to focus on. Another line in my bio goes:

Books. Blogs. Coffee. Calligraphy. Crafts.

To tell you honestly, these used to be my thaaang! (thing). Past tense ‘used’ for I think they’re slipping off my fingers.

My bookworm life sucks because I’m in a serious book slump. I’ll Give You The Sun is soooo good that I always think about Noah & Jude every time I open another story. Being a blogger is tough for me these days, all I’m thinking are serious and personal stuff.(I always write in play safe mode haha). Interesting stories are going on with my friends’ lives but that’s beyond my space. I cannot write about someone. I don’t have that someone to write open letters to. Hmmmm… Coffee? I can’t drink some since my acid level is on its peak. As for calligraphy, I think I’m not THAT good enough. Sure everyone’s better that I am, I’m contented with what I know and can do. And lastly, crafts!!! I looove crafts. Unfortunately, I always lack time to create a DIY project. They’re always half done haha.

Anyway, I’m telling you nonsense things. I just found this during my 2016 post and well, I haven’t said those things for a while and so I wrote it.


Happy 2nd Anniversary to you too, my dear reader! xx


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