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2016 in Retrospect

If you asked me a few weeks back, I’ll tell you right away without even hesitating that my 2016 sucked. You may be expecting me to join the bandwagon by tweeting something like, “2017 please be good to me”. But nope, I’m not one of them. I’m only telling you that because I was so consumed with the situation I was and am (yes, present tense) still dealing with right now. Not until I contemplated and took a better look at the brighter side.

Late November, amidst of the Finals week stress, I was diagnosed with this certain disease that I’m obviously not brave enough to share you its name. Months before, friends and family noticed that I am becoming thinner and sometimes looking sickly. Not to worry you my dear reader, I am not dying. If you care enough for me to live, that’s the first thing you wanna know, don’t you? The only thing that keeps me on track despite everything is faith. You may not believe if I tell you that I haven’t cried that hard ever since I got the news. My friends know me for being emotional and a cry-baby, but this is just a disease I have to fight. This is just a disease and I am a child of God. Hey, I am bigger than my disease! Miracles are on its way.

With this gigantic ball of problem, I failed to recognize all the good that occurred this year. I scanned thru my 2016 planner and diary and scrolled past down this blog site then later surprised myself for what I did that past couple of months!


  • This blog had its first anniversary! Yay, it’s a milestone.


  • Bookstagrammed for the whole month. I posted on Instagram everyday, nothing but books!
  • Didn’t expect that the Valentine notecards I designed for our organization will be appreciated and loved by students and school employees
  • Celebrated the first-ever Galentine’s Day with my college girlfriends
  • Helped the Student Council in the elections and I was one of the campaign managers 


March 2016

  • First-ever bookish costume. Okay, I dressed up as one of the Silver elites
  • Roamed around Divisoria to buy the stuff we need for a play presentation. I even pulled out an Ariel (Little Mermaid)!!!
  • Oppo Music Fest with high school best friends. Music fest on a school night


April 2016

  • My bookish friends and I started Page Wanderers. It’s our group name and sort-of business name, we sell bookmarks and other book-related merchandise during book signing events in Manila


May 2016


  • Binge-watched How To Get Away With Murder!!!
  • Joined Manila Sundance Bazaar giveaway


July 2016


August 2016

  • High school best girlfriends surprised me on my birthday!
  • Won arts and crafts supplies from Hey Kessy. Hey, that’s wrth 3,000php
  • Attended Days 1 and 3 of Philippine Readers and Writers Fest. I’ve met Pam Pastor (again) and Mae Coyiuto


September 2016

  • Ditched a class for a book signing registration. Then came back to school again for a major exam then head straight to book signing event. Wew!


October 2016

  • Met Anina Rubio and won a Moleskine notebook customized by her
  • Visited a very nice coffee shop at Bulacan, KP Cafe. Road trip with my thesis buddies!


November 2016

  • Overnight with my thesis buddies. I was sick and busy that time – ugh no photos
  • Won Vince Camuto gift certificates
  • Won journals and notebooks courtesy of @dearnathania on Instagram
  • Won Serenitea and Loacker package


December 2016

  • Visited Cebu City
  • Binge-watched FRIENDS
  • Knew the importance of self-care

I am thankful to everything that happened. One thing led to another. It’s always up to you how will you put things in perspective. Most friends were amazed by the things I am capable of, well it’s because I let life occur to me. 2016 has been good, well 2017 must be better. I’m so stoked to find out what God has in stored for me! Cannot wait to surprise myself even more. xx


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