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Goodies from Serenitea and Loacker

“Matcha is not as bad you think, some may say it’s like eating grass but hey, having hazelnut taste on your drink has brought it to the next level!”

Part of my caption had those words when I entered Serenitea’s Instagram photo contest. In that contest, you have to post a photo of your Serenitea Loacker drink alongside what do you love most about your drink. Affixed with the hashtag and tag friends, you have your entry.

Serenitea Hazelnut Matcha Slush

Having this contest in mind, I also asked my friends to join since we’re Serenitea fans! Yep, during our 3-hour long breaks we used to sit, study and talk over milk tea – if we’re not on coffee.

Considering a lot of flatlays we did and treating the Glorietta branch of Serenitea as our home, we got the shots we need better enough to get us goodies from Serenitea and Loacker! Each of us won packages courtesy of Serenitea and Loacker. #Squadgoal you might say? Haha.

Serenitea gift certificates and Loacker wafers

Serenitea gift certificates, wafers from Loacker and a drawstring bag, well one can immediately have a moment of serenity (Serenitea) *wink* 


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