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Moleskine Pop-up Store: MoleskinexAnina

There is no harm in trying.

That’s what I always tell myself whenever I see Instagram giveaway contests. If you happen to be one of my usual blog readers, you know in some ways how lucky I am in winning such. Lucky – well, that’s the term my friends use more often.

So recently, I joined Anina Rubio‘s contest on Instagram. She partnered with Moleskine Philippines to customize your purchase of the brand’s notebooks or planners. For the contest all you have to do is repost her photo on Instagram and invite people to visit the pop-up store. Sounds easy, yeah?

Equipped with determination and faith, I waited all Friday night long. Since Anina mentioned that she’ll announce in those hours. Saturday morning came and still no winners. But hey, cannot believe I won! I was in the middle of my class when I received an Instagram notification from Anina Rubio! 


While waiting for my turn-she’s still working on something, these cutie little girls were  very intrigued with Anina’s works. She encouraged these kids to write as well and told them to practice writing – whenever you feel like it or not.

I also witnessed how she did her flatlays, with the help of her intern, Maricar.

​While she’s working on my notebook, I got the chance to hear stories from her previous projects and had a nice chat with her and Maricar. I feel so honored and I was really fangirling in those minutes. It was quite difficult to keep the feels inside because 1) I don’t wanna ruin the moment, 2) I don’t wanna brokedown there and make a scene and 3) I don’t wanna creep Anina and Maricar out. 

So I got a free Moleskine notebook, I met and hugged Anina and I witnessed how her wonderful hands create art! I waited for so long to meet Anina, everything has its perfect timing.

You still have a chance to visit the Moleskine pop-up store at the 3rd Floor of Powerplant Mall until October 31st. 


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