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Book Signing: Morgan Matson

Amidst the highly and ever demanding academics – well, I can’t protest because education is essential– an eager fangirl, who swore months ago that she’ll be absent on the upcoming book signing event, has managed her time for her major exam and meeting the international author she tweeted a bunch of times.

img_2941Our school calendar had been laid down even before the semester starts. Unfortunately, our prelim exam was aligned with Manila International Book Fair. Speculations spread last Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes’ book signing that Morgan Matson will be the MIBF author since the aforementioned Jennifer Niven and Amy Zhang have already visited.

Upon knowing Matson’s visit last August 26, I was escalated with a slight chance of anxiety. That morning, I accepted defeat while gripping the MIBF passes I asked for with Morgan’s face at the back of it. No luck. Exams first, after all.

But later that night, Nikki chatted that it’ll be a Saturday signing at NBS Glorietta 1. That’s when the light bulb at the side of my head popped up.

Words flooded my brain: Morgan Matson. Saturday. book signing. Glorietta. Makati. 10 am registration. book signing. Morgan Matson.

I had my Saturday schedule planted and yes, I’ll definitely meet her!

 ON THE DAY September 17, 2016

I attended my morning class then head to Glorietta at around 9:30am. I was surprised by how few bookworms were there, since 9am is really a hit during previous signings.


Nikki and I kept texting each other just to kill time. Why? Because we’re really at the opposites of the line. She arrived around 5am, our typical schedule, but due to my classes, the early bird Nikki waited by herself. I spent time tweeting the followers of @KatharineMG_PH since I’m managing the account and I was giving away bookmarks.

Upon registration, without putting my bags down yet, I was welcomed by my ever-euphoric bookworm/bookstagram friends! Meeting the admin behind the Philippine fan base account for Morgan Matson, is overwhelming! I have seen Avie in flesh. She saved a seat for me, though, but I said yes to Nikki beforehand. Thanks Avie, still.

Of course, selfies!

Book signing buddies | Morgan Matson's book signing
Introducing Isa (in front of me), Nikki, Danica and Pamala (at the back).
Morgan Matson's book signing
Unfortunately, we’re prohibited from sitting on the couch. But a selfie in front will do!

Since most of the bookworms had gone elsewhere, Nikki and I took advantage of the space NBS Glorietta hasn’t offered in previous book signings. More likely, this is how I flatlay.

The masterpiece!!! Follow @PageWanderers on Instagram.

After taking lots of photos and having lunch, sadly I have to leave Nikki for I have a major exam to take at 1:30pm. Missing the Q&A hosted by one of my fave writers, Pam Pastor made my heart sick. *sobs* I asked Nikki to take photos of Pam, but little did I know she got me a video message!!!

5-ish PM

I was back at Glorietta, with Nikki updating me thru text messages, just in time. So the thing I never ever wouldn’t forget and I guess I hated my iPhone for minutes – when “VERIFYING UPDATE” suddenly popped into my screen. Like, what? Like now, NOW? Apple why? I WAS A FEW PEOPLE AWAY FROM MORGAN MATSON!

Minutes away from taking a photo with Morgan Matson but my iPhone updated suddenly
So why just now iPhone? Why are you updating when I’m minutes away from Morgan Matson? Thank you @nikkiharriet for capturing this moment.


Thank Heavens for a great bookworm buddy, I was able to get photos with my Morgan-encounter!

Here are the best words, I’ve actually heard from the NYT bestselling author of Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, Second Chance Summer, Since You’ve Been Gone and The Unexpected Everything personally. It’s an honor, actually. More or less, this is how our conversation went.

“It does that all the time! It sucks.”
-Morgan on my updating iPhone. If you could just see the look on her face. So theatrical and all!

“I don’t tolerate skipping classes but I’m glad you’re here.”
I mentioned to Morgan that I actually ditched one just to get registered on time. Okay, Ma & Pa, if you’re reading this (but I guess not really), sorry for not letting you know. But it’s done anyway, what’s the point? Kidding. But yeah, apologies.

Morgan’s taking a photo of my tatt! The bookmark and the pop-up cards are on the table

“Oh wait, I need to take a picture of that.” (later that night the photo was collaged and posted on her Instagram account)
-And I honestly was dying from giddiness inside! But I have to keep calm because she’s not yet done signing my copies. I showed her the red heart-shaped sunglasses tattoo on my arm that I got from Candy Magazine a few years back. Yep, I’m such a keeper.

I forgot the compliments she told me about the pop-up card and the Since You’ve Been Gone bookmark I designed *sobs* Why didn’t I write it down on my journal?

“El. Eleven! I didn’t know she was British.”
– Asked Morgan’s fave Stranger Things character. Same boat with her, since we didn’t hear much of her speaking voice in season 1.

Which Morgan Matson expression is your favorite? I’m going for all four <3

“You want to take  a picture?” (clearly this is the last part of the usual author encounter and I just don’t want to hear it yet)
-But she’s still blabbing about how surprised she was that Millie’s British, who plays Eleven. Yep, I’ve mentioned that above but Morgan can’t seem to stop haha. Such a fangirl!

“*talks of Stranger Things* Thanks for the pop-up card!” (while holding the next fan’s book and the fan seems like to cut us off)

Going back to my seat, I couldn’t thank Nikki more for lending her phone. We shared a lot of stories and stuff about life. We explored iOS 10 together knowing that she’s a huge Samsung fan haha. Time passed by, we need to bid farewell and see another time soon.

I decided to stay until the signing ends to see how it ends. Get it? Just for the sake of a new experience. As the people diminishes, I spotted two familiar faces! It’s Marian and Illac, my former blockmates 2 years passed. I was proud for Illac being the last person in line having number 200 as his signing pass number.


After everything’s done, I asked for a selfie since I didn’t have a photo with Morgan on my phone. I was fidgety at first because I’m sure that NBS staff are following protocol and won’t allow it. But my guts and instincts told me to go for it since it is done! I was asking Morgan but I was kinda looking at the weary faces of the staff, ready to accept a rejection because there’s really a moment of silence. Like, an owl in the middle of the night. Morgan decided and said yes. “You know what, let’s do it. That’s okay!”


After managing to get three selfies with her, I still followed Morgan as she sashayed to the escalator. I got her final good bye on video! *sad that I’m not on premium plan*

Being equipped with the right motivation and mindset, the part-time student and full time fangirl, who has not just managed her time for her major exam but also aced it had also spent time selling bookmarks, chatting the NYT bestselling author and being referred to as ‘John Green girl’ by one of her fave local authors/writers, has pulled this day off!

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