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Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2016: Day 1

It’s been a month since readers and writers here and yonder headed to Raffles Makati for Philippine Readers and Writers Fest 2016 last August 26-28. Among National Book Store events organized, I’ve only attended book signings and have never been to PRWF. NBS posted the schedule and roster of the speakers at their Facebook account, being a millennial who gathers information through scrolling down past her smartphone and knowing 2 of my favorite authors are going to be there, I’m sold!

Attendees needed to get registered to get their ID’s, which can be used for three days. There were Manila International Book Fair passes given away too. As I made my way to get registered, I noticed a familiar face printed at the back of the NBS MIBF pass. Lo and behold, it’s Morgan Matson’s book signing!

Giddiness aside, the seminar Shekinah and I attended on the first day was Untold Stories Inside: Writing about What You Love and Telling it to the World held at Ballroom 1. The speakers were Mae Paner, Noreen Capili and the one I came there for, Pam Pastor!

Pam Pastor, Noreen Capili and Mae Paner for Untold Stories Inside: Writing What You Love and Telling it to the World

There weren’t that many attendees, we got good seats and it started just in time. I managed to jot down some insightful notes from the speakers:

NOREEN CAPILI, author of “The Goodbye Girl”, “Parang Kayo Pero Hindi Kayo” and ”Buti Pa Ang Roma May Bagong Papa”

“The secret to writing is through emotions.”

“Nobody can define you as a writer.”

“We all have the story to tell.”

MAE PANER,  author of “Kwentaxi by Juana C”

“If you have an idea, put it out in the world.”

“Bring out stories that connect us to each other.”

“You’re a writer, not a remember-er.”

PAM PASTOR , author of “Paper Cuts” and “Planet Panic”

“You will not love everything that you’ve written.”

“It’s up to us to take our souls to be writers.”

“Make the time to sit down. You can’t be a writer and not write.”

When the talk was over, we got the chance to have our photos taken and our books signed.



This event is not bad for a first-timer, I got loads of information and inspiration to keep on writing some stories!


(The photo was blurry and unfocused. Welp, thanks anyway to the guy who captured it)

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