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FEU Makati Cuties 2.0

FEU Makati Cuties 2016-2017With the considerable amount of booming stats and unexpected views I received and still receiving, it is the time of year again for a new set of FEU Makati Cuties. A few of the guys are previous nominees and they are lucky to be part of this year’s roster, while some are fresh names. With a hundred of nominations and votes, let’s see if you happen to know the guys (maybe even all of them!)
Cholo Pascual ||FEU Makati Cutie

 was also part of the previous list and one just cannot take him off in this year’s list. Having an insanely number of nominations, this cutie deserves a comeback!

As what this guy shared last year, he is still into playing Magic The Gathering card game. He is learning how to properly engage the hobby of real magic for it amuses him. Add the fact that he is also into chess! However, Cholo is afraid of a barking dog right in front of him and the dinning thunder. We all have fears alright!

Cholo Pascual is a 2nd year student of BSBA Major in Management

Cedric Soloria || FEU Makati Cutie
Cedric is also one of the Accountancy Cuties. When he is not studying and reading accounting books, he spends time watching movies and TV series especially The Walking Dead and Orphan Black. This guy is also a foodie, Kapitolyo is his food hangout or anywhere where food is – because, “Food is ❤️”.

He devotes his time swimming as well. And would you believe that Cedric is a wakeboarder, too? He first tried it back in 2014 at Talisay, Batangas and eventually became a hobby.

Cedric Soloria is a 4th year BS Accountancy student.

Follow Cedric on Instagram || FEU Makati Cutie
Follow Cedric Soloria on Instagram

Clarence Girang || FEU Makati Cuties
While most guys are into singing Pop and Ballad songs, Clarence prefers singing by himself some RnB and old songs – he refer it as “oldies”. He also got the moves for he dances hiphop, looking up to Chris Brown, or whatever genre is needed. Travelling places worth it, such as Boracay,with friends is a-must for him.
Clarence Girang is a 4th year BSBA Major in Marketing Management student.

Clarence Girang || FEU Makati Cuties
Follow Clarence Girang on Twitter and Instagram. And at Snapchat: clarence_g24

Dee Gee Razon || FEU Makati Cuties
Photography is taking over the internet, by just having a smartphone everyone can capture almost anything with a little help from editing apps such as VSCO. But there’s nothing great compared to having professional quality and that’s what Dee Gee is seeking to. Started out with vast photo features on Instagram while harnessing his passion for photography, he didn’t expected to be a brand ambassador and a blogger ( alongside the well-known David Guison, Lissa Kahayon and Janeena Chan.

Balancing work and school may be hard however he thinks it in a way that it’s a need. It may seem for us, who’s not into his shoes, to be quite hard but the secret is enjoying the things you do.

Loaded with family as his main inspiration, from photographers @jelitodeleon and @rayniyel and all C series filter from VSCO, we have more photos to see and blogs to read from this cutie.

Dee Gee Razon is a 4th year BSBA Major in Marketing Management

Follow Dee Gee Razon || FEU Makati Cuties
Follow Dee Gee on Instagram and Snapchat! And on Twitter: @Imdgrazon

Gelo is a fan of Oklahoma City Thunders with Russell Westbrook as his fave basketball player. He plays NBA 2k with his closest friends. Last summer he started to hit the gym working out.

Gelo Barretto is a 3rd year BS Information Technology student.

Gelo Barretto || FEU Makati Cuties
Follow Gelo on Twitter. With @gelobarretto28 handle on Snapchat!

Playing basketball everyday except when it is raining is one of Ivan‘s hobbies. He plays at the court at their condominium being inspired by Cleveland Cavaliers.

Taking a dip in the pool became his hobby last year. Ivan also sings the tunes of Chris Brown, Drake and Maroon 5. Count Pop, OPM and hip hop as his genres too!

Ivan San Juan is a 4th year BSBA Major in Marketing Management

Follow Ivan on Instagram. And on Twitter: @ivandyosep

If you think no one reads the Encyclopedia nowadays, you’re wrong! Nick still reads those volumes for he devotes time reading something informational. Just like any guys, he plays basketball too. Formerly he was an LA Lakers fan but when Kobe retired, he switched into Cleveland Cavaliers looking up to Kyrie Irving. He watches – not read – Nicholas Sparks movie alongside Fantasy-Adventures.Nick Gerona is one of Accountancy Cuties also and is a 4th year BS Accountancy student.

Renz spends time reading novels and accounting books! During spare time, he watches anime. Also this cutie is into volleyball and basketball. Would you believe that he can also dance? No judgements!

Renz Mailed is a 5th year Accountancy student.

Follow Renz on Twitter and Instagram with the same handle.

Some guys have a lot of hobbies but Tyrone is the typical guy who plays basketball and DOTA 2.

Tyrone de Chavez is a 3rd year BS Information Technology student.

FEU Makati Cuties
Follow Tyrone on Instagram

So these are the guys who you girls nominated and voted for. These are just some of the cuties you’ll meet at FEU Makati. Maybe there are still some for you to find out, discover and be friends with. These guys are humans too, you might have a tiny crush on them but do not creep them out just to get noticed. I posted their social media accounts [for easy stalking], you’re welcome!

So what do you think? *wink*

This is not- for-profit and solely for blogging purposes ONLY. The photos and information are used with permission from the guys. If you have comments and feedbacks please leave them below. 

Let life occur! xx


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