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Plain Blissfulness of Hanging Out With Your High School Girl Friends

Moments come and go but girl friends are forever!

We may be living in the society where exchanging messages and seeing each other can be done virtually, thus updating or seeing updates from your long-time-no-see friend is ineluctable. Besides FOMO (fear of missing out), it is also best to see your friends in flesh. It may not be similar as to the old times, but there’s a mere excitement with just being girl friends [again] once in a while.
If spending time with them isn’t one of your long list of to-dos anytime soon, here are some reasons that may get you planning your upcoming girl friend “reunion”:
1. Make up for the lost times. Another semester or year has been survived, it’s time to step out and face your girl friends.

2. You can finally touch them! (Ditch the dirty thought you have there) You can squish their faces, exchange pecks on both cheeks and most importantly HUG them.

3. Hear their voices (not the SoundCloud and voice message types – for real!)

4. Even high-pitched squeals and laughters.

5. Talk about what happened before – how vastly things changed your life!

6. Laugh at the ridiculous and embarrassing moments you did in high school. (After all, high school is the best chapter of schooling).

7. Share life drama. Best example is your academics. Because you’ve gone different ways

We called ourselves “Titas” because we feel old for all the changes that happened over the years. These girls were my before-morning-rituals-start and stay-at-the-patio-because-I-don’t-wanna-go-home-yet buddies. Basically we start and end our days at school together! I, Julina and Gessie share our love for books too!

8. Or maybe internship. Lucky if you’re working adjacent to your girl friend’s building

9. Or Law school. And Masters degree. You girls just wanna study for the rest of your lives to escape adulting. And hey, don’t forget the friend who’ll continue Med school.

10. Talking about your batch mates who’d been studying/working abroad, who is dating who, who is embracing the “real life” at an early age

11. Reminisce the strict school rules you followed. Remember your teachers. Compare things during your time and the present. (Now, that doesn’t make you feel old. Does it?).

12. Check out your self-improvements. Even the littlest ones count.

13. Or figure out life together. Live the lifestyle life!

14. And how everyone is spreading her own wings and exploring “life”.

15. Take great and LOTS of photos. Aside from the fact that you have something new to tweet or post, you’ll stare at the great mementos when you feel orphaned and just missing the company of your girl friends.

Found our sisterhood in 3rd year high school, coining the name OMG for the group. With Paulette, Clarisse, Jorge, Julie, Sydney, Me and Nikki

You may be in high school studying everything together. Soon, you needed to part ways to prepare for your future selves. Now, you’ve gone different universities in different cities studying different programs which can only be connected by few electives or minor subjects.

There may be improvements in your lives, but you girls are still you. These girls were a great part of your life – you’ve been through bests and worsts. Just take a look at your past selves while heading on to the future!

Let life occur to you! xx 


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