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I won Advance Reader’s Copies from Epic Reads

Before I go on with my story and the feels on how I won ARCs or Advance Reader’s Copies, I bet  some of my readers are not even bookworms or even familiar with some terms of our book nerd experience. Let’s get to the definition of ARC.

Having a physical copy prior to its publication date is a huge deal, right? Aside from reading it ahead of almost everyone, ARCs are free copies. I just cannot handle all the happiness and kilig that covered me the moment (and up to this time) I knew I won not one but THREE ARCs.

Last July 3, National Book Store held another book signing event with authors Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes. NBS also had some contests on Instagram and on Twitter with awesome swags to be given away. Last year of the same month they had Epic Reads as their partner and my instincts got me right that they’ll do the same thing this year.

A lot of mechanics were posted by NBS on Twitter. But every time I join NBS contests, I fail to win ARCs.

So last Sunday, I was aware that there’s a contest, but I haven’t even read the mechanics. Besides, I always fail to win. However, I just posted a random photo of my experience. My cousin, Cloie, was the one who took the photo on her phone and sent it to me via Messenger.

It was a struggle since my phone is glitching. This minute it is okay, the next it’s not. So imagine, I need to type everything fast before the screen goes undesirable. In my post, I included the hashtag for the event and tagged the 2 authors and NBS without any apparent reason. Maybe just to get noticed? Idk.

Hours passed and I didn’t check my phone since it’s glitching and dying. Even Cloie’s phone is dying! We went home at around 11pm. Immediately connected to the internet and receiving congratulatory tweets from my friends and I was confused. With booming notifications, including a follow and DM from National Book Store – I cannot believe I just won myself not one but THREE ADVANCE READERS COPIES!!!

I was really bewildered and everything’s so surreal. I read the mechanics AGAIN:

1. Follow @nbsalert and @EpicReads – CHECK. I’ve been following them to get some book news and stuff about books!

2. Tweet a photo of your #AmyandAndreaInPH experience. – CHECK. *No further explanation* 

3.  Include the hashtag and tag three friends. – WAIT! I did include the hashtag but I’m not pretty sure I tagg- But I tagged Amy Zhang, Andrea Portes and National Book Store! OHMMYYY!!! That’s 3 and CHECK!

When it rains… it really pours! I entered the contest being unaware I just did. Well, I guess I didn’t do it. God made me do it :))

I’m still waiting for National Book Store’s reply on my direct message. I hope I can claim them sooner and read them prior to the book’s publication date. *wink*

My book signing experience: Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes will be posted in a few days! I’m so giddy I cannot find all the right words.

Thoughts about my blog post? Leave a comment or reach me through social media.
Let life occur! xx


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