Red Queen 3


This is the first expression that I uttered. YES!

The Facebook group of Red Queen Philippines is full of wild guesses with the hints or fill in the blanks tactic which Victoria Aveyard posted days before the announcement of the title of the third installment of Red Queen series – which she has done before for Glass Sword.

The guesses have had battles between the words, Prince’s, King’s and Queen’s  for the first word and curse and crime for the second one.

But Epic Reads has dropped the bomb last night and the title for RQ is….


King’s Cage!!! Hmmmm… Is it the setting for most of the story flow? I’m thinking that Mare is captured by Maven because the ending of Glass Sword implies so. Maven is the King, alright. Mare is in Maven’s cage. But why cage? It can be Cal, not Mare.

I’m picturing a lot of scenes because I can’t wait till February next year!

Victoria Aveyard mentioned that the next book is written in 2 alternating point of views. We’re pretty sure Mare is one of them but who owns the other? Is it  Cal? Or Farley?

We’ll find out on February! [Can February be tomorrow already?] If you have wild guesses as well, perhaps we’ll talk this one out! Just leave comments below and let’s fangirl/boy!!!


Rise, Red as dawn.




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