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Book Signing: Jennifer Niven

“You make me happy…

You make me special…

You make me lovely…”

It may be a week and few days since another International best-selling author of an award-winning book visited the Philippines, I remember things all too well.

I still remember the day when the book signing was announced! How can I forget, the day before it was when Jennifer Niven reposted my photo on Instagram!!! *squeals*

I was so brought up by my emotions from reading “All The Bright Places” and yes, up to that moment I cannot get them off my mind and so I created a journaling version of the main characters’ wandering.

I posted my photo last April 21st and later that night, I received a notification “took a photo of you” from Jennifer Niven. WAIT. WHAT? YES SHE DID!

With all my love and emotions which I cannot handle, National Book Store announced that she’s coming. Oh yeah, way to go! I seriously don’t know what I am feeling those times.

A few days later, I created a group chat including my bookworm friends I met at Victoria Aveyard’s last March. We thought of all the crazy antics, we thought of doing a cosplay but how? Violet Markey is a human being and she doesn’t seem to have this fashion statement. We just decided to have a shirt with book related quote. Bing! My creativity is once alive and so I grabbed my laptop and started editing. With my not-so-great skills and pretty little mind with lots of thinking to do, we decided to sell some merchandise! Thus, Page Wanderers was born. (I’ll tell the whole story on another blog post)

With the sleepless nights – contacting different persons, replying to customers, attending to their inquiries and updating my fellow Page Wanderers- who would’ve thought that it will be this fun?

Too much little talks. Forward to MARCH 29. THE DAY.

I arrived at late 6 in the morning, walking fast to get to the MRT station with all the sweat and unsure how to get to SM Megamall, luckily I wasn’t number 300 or so. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions from security guards and personnel and having Ortigas as your runway. Yes, imagine a sweaty supermodel wannabe! Hahahaha.

My friends were very early, 5 am in the line! Wooohooo! We arranged some of the merch when time permitted and the bouncers weren’t in sight. We have our ways, you know! But the girls at the end of the line were pretty cool to be with too. I was the last person in line just for a few seconds, someone came. Unfortunately, the next person must stay at the other side of the parking. Sorry! The security was very tough, being tough just to prevent the line cutting is fine but being too much is not. The signings I attended 2 years ago were very okay. I hope it stayed that way – back when book signing events were not that mainstream.

Anyways, the registration started when the mall wasn’t open yet. Around late 9am I assume. Thank God Nikki was able to save seats for us! Once we’re set, it’s time to disseminate the “All The Bright Places” packages and to sell the on-hand items.

I was so hyped and pumped that I forgot to take photos of our lovely customers.

But here is the very haggard me before and the refined one after. I was opting for a school girl outfit since Violet is a high school student.

My before and after look at Jennifer Niven's book signing in Manila
BEFORE: Girbaud back pack on one shoulder, Stradivarius tee and Suzanne Grae floral pants. AFTER: Hand-stitched tote, Page Wanderers ATBP Silk-screened shirt, thrifted white laced skirt, Darlington knee-high socks and Keds Sneaky Cat

After hours of talking, we decided to take some photos! Bunch of thanks to Albea, Angel and Sasa’s friend for being our photographer!!!

Blurry snapshot due to excitement at Jennifer Niven's book signing in Manila
A blurry photo due to excitement! R-L: Marielle, Nikki, Me, Angel and Sasa (we don’t know who’s the other one *wink*)
Selfie with Angel and Nikki with me in the middle while waiting for Jennifer Niven at her Manila book signing
Selfie with Angel and Nikki with me in the middle.

We didn’t expect someone took a photo of us, later we found out online that his mom was attending the signing. Cool mom!

Lovely Filipina fans of Jennifer Niven!
I made these 14 x 14 giant post-its! There were ATBP quotes at the back but this is the only photo captured in my phone. This was also the moment when a guy took a photo of us.

So much for everything and JENNIFER NIVEN arrived in her very sophisticated look. Very different from her Cebu ootd. She rocked her blazer and slacks with yellow envelope bag.

Jennifer Niven on her Manila book signing
Jennifer Niven on an interview. She talks about the book (yes we may know everything about that but it’s good to hear it personally from her)

Nikki and I struggled so much just to get included in the photo because WHY NOT? Huge thanks to the persons who captured us!

Nikki and I standing on the chairs, hugging and supporting each other, in same shirts, violet flower crowns and giant post-its. at JenniferNivenInPH
Nikki and I standing on the chairs, hugging and supporting each other, in same shirts, violet flower crowns and giant post-its. Huge thanks to Gen Jimenez for recording this very moment!

You may watch her full video here.

After the interview, there were 5 winners of Advance Reader’s Copy of Jennifer Niven’s next YA novel, Holding Up the Universe. It was a different way here in Manila, good thing it was raffled draw! It’s all in the fate. Congrats to the winners.

Chat. Post. Scroll. Talk. Meet friends. Laugh. Selfies. Ugh, I don’t know the things we did to kill time until it’s my turn. I was the last in our group so I was left there, luckily Steph found me and we caught up! Yaaaay, she is my VERY FIRST book signing buddy.

Steph, my very first book signing buddy I met during Jenny Han's signing in Manila last July 2014
Steph, my very first book signing buddy I met during Jenny Han’s signing in Manila last July 2014

Then it was my turn, I handed Jennifer Niven our shirt! We decided everyone from Page Wanderers must give her our merchandise. I was the last one and I told her I designed all the merch. I made her eyes go wide!!!

She told me I was amazing and all the lovely words. She told me I was beautiful – she told everyone I know the same, but still she acknowledged my face. *kilig* She loved everything I did. I loved her nail polish (pastel, duh? What’s not to love?) So much conversation but it has to end. SAD.

She posted at Facebook that she cannot wait to send us hugs but we are too many to hug. She prolly numb herself, so I just held her hands very tight. Gaaaaah! It may just be minutes but IT WAS LOVELY AND PERFECT.

Held both hands with Jennifer Niven. It was lovely! #JenniferNivenInPH
Held both hands with Jennifer Niven. Forgive the photographer’s finger hahaha.

I met Sasa, Angel and Albea afterwards and yay! Finally we’re done. I introduced Steph to them and we cannot wait to attend the book signings together. Final hugs were bid.

That day was one of the brightest days I ever had. Hoping for more to come. xx



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