UST The Sound Of Music

“The Sound of Music” is based on a book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. This story is set in Austria and tells the story of Maria, a nun who lives in the convent. Often doing wrong things, she is sent by Reverend Mother to be the governess of the Trapp family. The father, Captain Von Trapp, is usually away and being a widow, he hires a governess to look after his children. These seven troublesome children never had a governess to stay for long. Maria made these children’s gloomy faces soon fade and turned their frowns upside down. She brought fun and life to them – even the Captain’s. Maria and the Captain has fallen in love with each other. Things change when the Nazis take control over the country and wants the Captain to serve.

One of the highly compelling musical is Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II’s The Sound of Music. A lot of versions were made including films and musical plays.

Recently, I was invited by UST College of Education Bachelor of Secondary Education 3rd Year English Majors, directed by my high school friend, to witness their spectacular musical performance and be one of their media partners for UST The Sound of Music.


I may have to attend my afternoon class that day, but I went for the morning show – even though the venue and my school are 11 kilometers away from each other.

Checking my emails then and now and inviting my friend Shekinah to come along, who would’ve thought that this can be exciting?

Maybe it’s the idea of meeting my friends there and talking to the non-virtual staff, (saying hello to Shiela and Gladys!) who assisted me through online and messages, that pumped and hyped me?

I didn’t know if there are in depth explanations to the feelings I had not until we arrived and was given VIP treatment. Well, yeah I got 2 VIP seats! Aside from that, we’ve seen their preparations and such. We even got to enter the auditorium ahead of the other audience.

The morning show must have started at 10am that will last for 2 hours, due to unfortunate events it started late.


Started with the Philippine National Anthem, followed by the invocation of “As The Deer” with the angelic voices of “nuns” which sent chills and goosebumps.

The nuns who sent chills and goosebumps with their beautiful voices!
The nuns who sent chills and goosebumps with their beautiful voices!

The story went pretty well!

Maria has a very great voice. I’ve seen the confidence and energy in her. It was great knowing that they are all Education majors, who can act and sing very much. Compared to the commercial musical plays done in major theaters, it’s somehow close to that.

Maria from UST The Sound Of Music

The Von Trapp kids too are also lively! Their voices have floored me! They’re responsible why I kept singing “Do Re Mi” for days.

Every actor/actress knows what he/she is and must be doing. Oh! Don’t forget the props men too.


I love the songs! It might be days after the show but it’s a total LSS! “Do Re Mi” was a great start. Okay, goosebumps. Again! “Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun. Me, a name I call myself…”

It’s great that Maria and the kids had an audience interaction while singing. If I could only just jumped off my seat and join them. Hahaha.

Aside from the singing part, I love the Nuns’ Skit. Rev. Mother was hands-on her checklist for Maria’s wedding. She looked for perfection despite the other nuns strive hard to please her.


There were instances that the lights had a longer time to be dimmed – which affects the mood of the scene. Even the ‘lights off’ for the next scene was delay which left the actors/actresses to have a very minimal dead air.

Comic moments were also present. Wherein the actress was in the backstage but she doesn’t seem to notice that her lapel was on and she said some sarcastic snippets – that happened twice, though.


I might have enjoyed much of the play but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it. Since it started late, time constraint at its finest! Ugh, afternoon class. Shekinah and I left when the Nazi’s arrive. Well, I guess you all know how it ended.

Sans all the flaws it’s superb.

The costumes, make ups and props were implemented properly. So much effort to get them close to the original ones.

Everyone did a great job in setting the mood – in the musical score, sound effects and lights (uhm… improve a bit. Just a little).

I find the staffs very accommodating. And the director has skills! He knows how to lead his actors and staffs. I don’t know which strategy he used – though there may be various versions of the play, you can see the a new version. It has its own way naming itself, you know what I mean? It has an edge, it has swayed emotions and it has brought you into a new perspective. UST The Sound of Music is a goosebumps-making, wonderful and unforgettable experience I won’t forget.

Two thumbs up for this play! If I have 5 hands, I’ll give 5 thumbs up. Who would’ve thought that it was done by non-theater majors and they’re doing this for a great cause? 

Shekinah and I give thumbs up. She is holding something and I’m holding my phone – but we surely give 2 thumbs up each

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