Kayem Raposas, The Girl Behind #MakeUpByKayem

Started to discover her passion when she’s a kid. Ever fascinated by it, she’s gone with the basics of baby powder, lipstick and eyeliner during her younger days. She has even done her classmates’ and friends’ make-up.

She eventually stopped. Why? Just for no apparent reason.

Maybe her skills need to take a rest for it to gain its totality!

What am I talking about?

Today, I’ll gonna introduce you to a self-taught MUA (Make-Up Artist). Well, that’s pretty tough, right? But when passion knocks you, you cannot do anything to stop it from coming.

Kayem Raposas has been doing Make Up Transformations on Instagram. Her works have been featured in some style and make-up accounts. The photos you’re about to see might shock, horrify and amaze you! Yeah, truth be told that they seem very real. Scroll at your own risk haha, kidding!

Photo feature at bearded_horror's Instagram account. #makeupbykayem
Photo feature at bearded_horror’s Instagram account.

Alien makeup by Kayem Raposas featured in Dupe Mag's Instagram
This alien looks very realistic! Way to go Kayem!

Dupe Magazine's year ender photo was Kayem's!
Dupe Magazine’s year ender photo was Kayem’s! #makeupbykayem

She continued doing make-up during her 4th year in high school. With the famous Michelle Phan as her idol, this led her to her inspiration, Promise Phan.

Kayem always watches at YouTube, and then she saw Promise’s Avatar make-up transformation and even her other vids. Ever curious, she tried to copy her and it turned out well. She enjoyed it and still up until now.

Her AMAZING, JAW-DROPPING make-up skills is known worldwide. Yes, indeed!

Kayem has taken the world. Looking all so Jap-ish here!
Kayem has taken the world. Looking all so Jap-ish here!

#MakeUpByKayem has reached Korea!
#MakeUpByKayem has reached Korea!

I asked if she’s into art or something related. Because, this girl’s got skills!

“Yup, I draw. When I’m at school or at home, sometimes (most of the time) I draw my next make-up look. And I do that more often now because I can really patch my ideas than doing my make-up immediately. Drawing is my past time. I also like taking pictures; food, places, flat lays… yung mga nasa Instagram ko.”

When you apply your #MakeUpByKayem after taking photos, you wash them immediately? 

“Hahaha!! I do not remove them immediately, I let them stay on my face. Sometimes I fix/arrange my things, clean my brushes with my my make-up still on. “

How much time does it take to apply them?

“From what uploaded, I started around 8:30 [in the evening] and then I was done by 2:30? [in the early morning] Haha! All in all na yun, make-up and taking pictures… Sometimes, I prolong the process because I want it to be perfect.”

But recently, Kayem messaged me that her latest masterpiece has taken solid 8 hours! Wondering what could that be? Check her Instagram account.

Are you earning from that?

Yup! I’m open for bookings and I had clients before.

Her make-up services fee varies. She does light and sweet prom do, to eccentric and extreme Halloween and costume look and even whatever you can think and she can do!

Well, this is got to be my favorite! What's your favorite #MakeUpByKayem masterpiece?
Well, this is got to be my favorite! What’s your favorite #MakeUpByKayem masterpiece?

All photos are from Kayem Raposas for #makeupforkayem

For bookings you may reach her at:

Facebook Page: Makeup By Kayem
Instagram: @kayemraposas


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