Thankful and Blessed


You share your passion with a lot of people. I mean, you’re not the only writer, photographer and blogger in the world. There are many of your kind. You’re not the sole person good at something. Some may be better than you, perhaps you learn from her. Or maybe it’s the other way around – you are inspiring others.

But out of those people you share something with, you were the one chosen.

Tell me what you feel. You don’t know what exactly you’re feeling, right? It’s just one massive emotion from pieces of feelings that you have.

Let me guess, you are thankful and blessed? Oh yes, I’m pretty sure I’m right! Because you never thought that this could happen, a friend has thought of you and has invited you to be a media partner!

Massive emotions from pieces of feelings that you have.

You are escalated, too? Oh that’s normal! You cannot wait to tell your friends and promote this event. You’ll be writing an online review for others to know.

Oh you’re quite fidgety? Why? Maybe a lot of people will read your review. But in order to do that, you need to write it first. You can never write something if you’re not focused! Stop thinking waaaaaay ahead. Think of the now and live for it.

They will never choose if you if they haven’t seen something. You’re good at something. Just continue in what you’re doing.

You can do this. Keep your feet on the ground while looking up and lifting your prayers thanking Him.

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