Mom Vs. Me – The Winner is… (obviously) Mom!

I know a lot of moms – especially my own. Some people said that being a mother ties up the responsibility and most of all, the so-called sacrifice. From heavily carrying us for 9 months in her belly, from the sudden jolt we give her when we’re kicking in the womb, from the pain of giving birth, from the sleepless nights we give her for us to have a goodnight’s sleep and so many hardships they’ve done as we grow up – they’ve stayed strong and brave.

But those aren’t just the things when they’ve shown their strength and braveness. Remember the little fights you had? Those arguments that seem to be senseless because no matter how hard you explain, the Momma always win! Let’s take a look back at those moments, shall we?

You – not doing the dishes, sweeping the floor nor dusting off the cabinets? But she always have this rant, “Pero sa classroom nagagawa mong maglinis? Para saan pa at naging cleaner ka?”. [But you can clean inside the classroom? What’s the purpose of you being a cleaner, then?] So, you’ve got nothing to say, you get the broom and dust pan. You’re once again best friends with Scotch Bright!


How about the time you burned the rice and fried fish for dinner. Because you thought it will take a few more minutes, so you grabbed your phone and got yourself in the middle of Facebook messages.

You suddenly smelled something burning! WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? Oh yeah, right! I was cooking. Voila! For dinner, you ended up eating burned crispy fried steamed rice or in other words tutong. How about the dish? You told your mom that you’ll not have burned fish but instead you have a fried fish in French style cooking with low fire technique. (Credits to my very witty friend, Allan Andal who shared this term.) With all your humor, she still hasn’t bought it.

You have burned rice and fish for dinner and mom rants/nags for dessert. Mmm… Yum!

burned cooking

And remember the time, when she says NO? When you’re asking for permission because you have to attend your FRIEND’s birthday. This Friend happens to be with you all the time and you keep sharing stories to your mom.

She may said, “Magpaalam ka sa tatay mo.” [Ask permission from your father] However, at some point you’ll be having a VERY long conversation and you know where this is going. She’ll ask, “Sino na naman yang *FRIEND* na yan? Taga-saan yan? Sino mga magulang nyan? Hanggang anong oras kayo doon? Akin na contact number nyan… Pati ung magulang. Etc…..” [Who’s that *FRIEND?* Where does he/she lives? Who are his/her parents? Until what time will you be there? Give me the contact number… Even his/her parents. Etc…] The list goes on! The least she could do is stalk your friend online. Oh my! Please don’t. Sometimes you’ll sob when she said, “No.” (This is a heartbreaker, really!!!) “Pero Ma, sinabi ko naman lahat sa’yo eh… *sobs* MA!!!” [But Ma, I told you everything…]

She’s the mom, anyways.

sad pillow

I bet there are Internet-related issues. She told you to sleep early and let your friends sleep too! Don’t be so consumed with Facebook Messenger daw! So she switched off the Wifi but you turned on your cellular data. Oh yes! Free Facebook *grin from ear to ear*, chat with the friends all night long. But you’ve seen that “Active Now” and green circle on your Mom’s name. Whatdyaknow, she’s using her data too! Bummer. Okay, time to say “Good MorNight” to your friends. Don’t forget to send good night stickers!


And lastly, remember when you’re attending a party and she wants you to wear this thing that is waaay trendy back in her days? She has been your personal stylist and just like what we’ve known EVER since we haven’t seen the world yet, “Mother knows best”. You don’t want to have a fight in the mall BUT you don’t want to wear such a thing! Yep, that is hard. Ugh.

mom fashion

There were a lot of mom stories and memories. But Mom Argument is always the best – they always win!

cool mom

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