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Book Signing Is A Serious Business In The Philippines

Camp outs. Cosplaying. Fangirl Merch. And a whole lot more!

1. Book signing is a serious business. What I mean here is that every event is treasured like someone’s 7th or 18th birthday. There may be a lot of signings held here but nothing is alike. EVER!

2. It’s for everyone who read, reads and will read the book. It’s not just for bookworms, book nerds and bookish people. Brace yourselves for a lot of people.

3. They come in groups. Probably they have their own bookworm group. Mostly. Some may be admins of different Facebook pages, sellers of merchandise and hardcore fans!

4. CAMPING OUT is not weird!!! Of course, they want to assure their slots so they come early. Or during the night. And sleep there. Or not. And they sacrifice breakfast. And shower. Little respect for them. No judgments.

5. Reserving slot for a friend exists. Yes, it may be rude not to think of the person behind your line and the persons behind those people but it’s their way of friendship. Most bookworms (as what I have read in a conversation) think it’s fine to have one to three friends be in your line but 20 is waaaaay over!

6. Patience is the key. You’ll get your turn. You’ll meet the author just calm and get your books together.

7. Approach people. They’re bookworms too and you share common interests. Why not ask them about the book? It’s a great conversation starter!

8. Book signing buddies will be there for you! Be it taking photo of you and your signed books, looking after your stuff and being the moral support in your cosplay get up

9. Cosplayers are always present!!! Make sure to approach them if you’re fascinated by their idea. They might be doing it for themselves, not getting paid but it’ll make them feel better to know others appreciate them.

10. Chargers, Power banks and pocket WiFi’s. The event will hold contests on Twitter and Instagram, better ready your gadgets because you definitely wanna win some ARCs.

11. TALK TO THE AUTHOR! Tell him/her what do you like about the book, how’s the Philippines, just random things you wanna know. Talk to him/her while she signs your books. You waited for him/her and then, “WHAT NOW?”. But if you’re shy, you can….

12. Give something to the author. Hand her a handwritten note which comes from the bottom of your feelings. You cannot release all the book feels once you’ve met him/her. Better write it down in a cutesy note card. Or you can just give her anything under the sun!

13. Show your best smile. Author and fan encounter happens once in a blue moon. Better practice your smile at home because you only have limited shots. Some photos turned out blurry, too dim or just the way you hate it.

14. Thank the “photographers”. You hand them your phone and it’s up to them to take photos. Sadly, some aren’t okay. But appreciate their effort in capturing one of the best fangirl moments of your life!

15. Use the hashtags. Every event = Hashtag. Do I have to say more?

Here are just some of the things I’ve observed in my book signing experiences. Do you still have something in mind? Comment them below :)

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