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Silver Customer Service

I should have blogged about this before but I guess today is the best time!

Because yesterday while I was busy doing a schoolwork at our org’s office, someone’s calling on my phone. Unknown number, a landline. It’s SM Makati Department Store Beauty Section blah blah – I didn’t get the things right but I know you get the idea. I was surprised because I’ve never been to SM lately, I haven’t gotten to the mall since I was busy with school. So curiosity took it’s toll while the lady caller stated her purpose.
She’s calling to check or approve what I’ve written on their feedback form. I thought I committed something wrong but at the back of my mind I was thinking maybe I got a freebie. You know how it works in some boutiques or shops, right? You send feedbacks and you get something in return. 
But what’s the real reason of her call? Yeah, that feedback. They have this piece of paper – a customer feedback form, if I am not mistaken, in the cashier- where I told a summary of my great customer service experience.
I’ll share it to you since you’re reading from the start. So here it goes…


Back in Victoria Aveyard’s signing last March 6, 2016 at National Book Store Glorietta, my fellow book nerd named Nikki Cunanan and I went to SM Makati to buy some silver makeups. We planned to buy some silver eyeshadow and silver eyeliner to complete our little House Samos cosplay thingy. *You can read about that here*
I may have applied makeup to myself  before but trust me, I’m doing just basic ones. Not yet an expert with contouring, though. So while rummaging at the makeups at the beauty section, like, going around to find the cheapest yet perfect one, Nikki and I were furious if we can pull our silver makeups!!! We don’t want to look funny or worse, a panda at the book signing event. If there’s a panda character in the book, we’ll be glad too but there’s none. *sobs*
We found a silver eyeliner in this brand, then Nikki braved asking if the attendant can apply makeup. She told us that we should purchase Php 1,500.00 then she’ll apply it. We backed away with respect- because Hey, we got makeups in our bags but we only need an eyeliner that costs less than Php 100.00 let alone a thousand!
We kept on searching until I found the brand which my friend, a self-taught MUA, has recommended. That brand is just near Nichido’s, so the attendant asked what we needed – since no one at the brand was there to cater our needs. As far as I can remember, Nikki was the one who talked to her saying we need silver makeups. And then we rushed to their booth or stand of makeups, just looking around. We asked how much of purchase we need to acquire for us to get our faces done. Well, it’s only for Php 500.00 but again, our purchase won’t reach Php 200.00!!!
Ate Cyndy, Nichido’s attendant, asked if we have event or something. We said that we’re attending this book signing event and we like to dress for the occasion – we only need silver eyeliner and eyeshadow to complete the look but afraid of what we’ll look like after.
Then she said that she can apply makeups for free!!! Even without any purchases! So imagine the spark in our eyes! YES THIS IS IT! But we still bought the silver eyeliner and the eyebrow razor :)
This is the bare faced me.
Ate Cyndy was very friendly and approachable. Nikki was the first one to get beautified and her brows were cleaned and voilà! Brows on fleek, everyone! Ate Cyndy told us that there’s something great when a lady’s brows are clean. So better not grow a forest!
While she applied the makeup using the testers of Nichido and our purchases, of course we chatted! She gave tips on applying makeup and doing makeovers wasn’t something she did before. She just learned by herself for she works with them. So why not test them out, right?
Here’s Nikki and Ate Cyndy! See the brows on fleek?

Then it’s my turn, she applied powder and BB cream. Later on, she asked if I’m acidic. I was shocked. Of course, I am! Since 8 years old, I guess. But how did she know that?  
The powder on my face seems to be disappearing because of my acidity level. Ooohhhhh! Then she applied something to keep it cool! Well, she knows skin types and products too, huh? After minutes of applying and contouring, it’s done!!!
And here’s what I look like after I got my face done. Oooops! (Sorry I wasn’t able to edit the girl at the back.)
Nikki and I entered SM Makati kinda close to looking like zombies because we barely slept for we arrived at NBS for the signing pass very early. Then who would’ve thought that we’ll go out feeling fresh and fab and ready to rock that silver get up?

We looked like different persons! Really! We were more excited and elated for the event. Yaaaaay!

Nikki and I wrote down a summary of what happened in their customer feedback form, I even wrote down my blog site if I’m not mistaken haha. So that they’ll read what happened more or less :)
Victoria Aveayard's book signing || ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.com
*end of flashback*

Okay so back to the calling incident…
They called to inform me that Ate Cyndy is one of the nominees for Best in Customer Service! Yaaay! And the caller asked me to retell the story, maybe just to check if it’s legit :) I failed to tell her all the details on the phone because I was in the middle of doing something hihi. But most of what happened was written here.
I texted Nikki right after the call and hours later she replied and we both wish that Ate Cyndy will win! We’re happy for her nomination and excited for the result.
We got silver makeups and a silver customer service that day!
Ate Cyndy is just one of the courteous employees out there, it’s great that employers take time to appreciate their workers!
Good luck Ate Cyndy!

She does makeup services, too! Just contact her (Cyndy Lloren) at 09334413061.

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