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The most dreadful season for college students in my university is milling around. It’s FINALS!!! When you think of exams, staying the night while reviewing is the main thing that pops to your head, right? But there are creative ways on how to overcome those exams.


It’s slightly fascinating to do other things than take written examinations. When I was younger, I prefer long days and nights of rereading and reviewing my notes, but as I age I find it easier to move around and use the physical aspect of my body. Self-discovery, eh?

So here’s how my partial of Finals week went:

  • Monday, March 28th
    • Back to reality! Holy Week or should I say a moment of vacation is over. I felt relieved and thankful for the days off school but the thing is that, we gotta rush to fulfill all the school works. The morning was spent for our World Literature course role playing – since performance is scheduled on the following day. Then the afternoon, my group mates and I discussed and exchanged ideas for our financial statement defense in our Financial Management course as our night class. Thank God we pulled everything off that night, our professor told us that among the groups that presented before – ours was the best and well-explained! That defense was our finals. So glad we’re done! Yaaaay. Thanks to my group mates who almost did all the work and whom I spent the afternoon with computing ratios at Starbucks; Ann and Marielle. To Ate Car who printed out the materials and to Rob who treated us some Sticky Cinnamon Bun and Monte Cristo that afternoon.
  • Tuesday, March 29th
    • It’s the day! We’ll be performing our well-practiced play *hahaha*. We did the story of Tangled, Little Mermaid and Frozen’s connection. I bet you’ve read that on the internet. I did the script and portrayed Ariel. Our blockmates and professor liked it and said it’s very entertaining. After minutes of endless props making, singing and dancing – yaaay another check on my finals list. We’re done with World Literature!
  • Wednesday, March 30th
    • We shot some scenes at school for our final exam. In Arts Appreciation class, we must produce a short film from 15-25 minutes. It should be based among the issues of the society. We crossed off 3 out of 16 scenes that day, well that’s progress.
  • Thursday, March 31st
    • Most scenes of our film needs to be done at home. My group mates decided to have our shoot at Ann’s house in Laguna. We traveled for like 1-2 hours. It was very fun to do some shoots, I did the script again and I was the lead role for female. Back when I presented/told the story to them, they thought of me immediately. Idk if they really did or they just don’t want to act. Hahaha. However, everything was cool! Not until the clock struck 5pm and we’re still at Laguna!!! We need to attend our Financial Management class at 6pm, we rushed of course! Thank God for a little traffic jam. After class, we still needed to do one more scene. We went to the nearby cafe, it’s great. I mean it’s perfect! We did our scenes there and had dinner too. Can’t believe we finished shooting for 12 hours.
Carbonara and Cafe Mocha by Whisk Asian Bistro Cafe.
I ended the long day with some Cafe Mocha by Whisk Asian Bistro Cafe.
  • Friday, April 1st
    • April Fool’s Day and I guess I haven’t been fooled. Or am I just smart enough? Kidding aside, I helped my friends with their role playing since I was done. I did some extra at the “Hoedown Throwdown” dance and I became one of the technical committee. Can I get a double grade, ma’am? Since I participated in both plays?  Later that night,  we found out that Taxation course will have its departmental exams! Why, earth? Why? So we learnt a lot more, like squeezing all the information. Oh come on! Good thing, we don’t have classes for Law on Partnership and Corporation, our professor gave us time to relax. Just a bit. BUT WAIT NO TIME TO RELAX, final exams for Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting will be the following day.
  • Saturday, April 2nd
    • Studied for my accounting exams a little late – around 12am. I need to find myself, you know? Like, the studying mode Arianne. Thank God it’s not departmental exaaaaaaaaaam. So I only read 4 chapters for Financial Accounting and went through a bit of Cost Accounting. I slept at around 3am then woke up at 6am, I went to school early though.
      • Financial Accounting went kinda surprising. We had batch 1 and batch 2. Thank God I was batch 2 so I got ample time to ran through my notes and ask some questions. Once I got my test papers, I was surprised by straight problems. We may had some problems before but these ones do not have choices. Whew! Cost Accounting was not too easy and not too hard. You know what I mean? The final exam was a compilation of our prelim and midterm exams, good thing we kept them. So done with Accounting subjects for this sem, I just hope we all pass the course!


So, that’s how my 13th week went. I can’t believe we did a lot of things last week. In case you’re wondering, yes! I go to school 6 days a week :) This sem will be over and I pray for a better schedule the next terms.


Thank God we’re done with most of our exams! We did our part and I hope it’s enough for us to get the passing grade.

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