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World Macaron Day 2016

Who would resist the sweetness of french macarons? Aside from its playful colors, the variety of the flavors is also exhilarating!


If you’re a french macaron lover, I bet you’re one of the many who hoarded some at TWG!

From its regular price of 55php per piece, it’s down to 30php from March 16-18, 2016. And I’ve read from Instagram that they extended till March 19th.

TWG Tea survey of World Macaron Day!

I bought my macarons more than what I get from my usual budget. Thanks to #TWGMacaronday. Queuing needed a little amount of patience, just a little, because they have a systematic way in serving the macaron-lovers!

Macarons flatlay


Blueberry, Red Balloon and Napoleon are my faves! What are yours? xx



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