My Summer Back Then

I miss my summer, wherein the mere idea of the season makes you wanna do cartwheels even if you cannot do it.

Things change, circumstances change and my ways need to change. My summer last year, this year and the upcoming years will be about attending school, busying self with org duties and accomplishing more mature tasks. Sob with me! Snap out of it, Arianne, grow up! Ooops! Sorry.

Here are the things that the teenager Ari misses the most about summer:

  1. Well, my summer used to be days and nights of sleep. When I wasn’t hitting the comforts of my bed, I do other things such as:
  2.  I doodled and scribbled in my notebooks. About feelings, imaginations and nothingness.
  3. I have written in my notebooks not my summer days, because I always pull on a staycation and there’s nothing I can do much in the house. And so,
  4.  I wrote my summer what ifs. I thought of the things that should and might have happen if I tried to explore the outside. The younger self mentally noted of summer flings, summer classes, summer jobs, summer shopping and everything summer. All things that never happened. I was in my nutshell back then!
  5. Binge-watching chic-flicks and rom-coms!!! Beauty and The Briefcase is one of my faves. And oh! add to the list A Cinderella Story, The Nearlyweds, 13 Going on 30, The Bridesmaids etc…
  6. Have I mentioned that I love making art? I just love it, though not an expert. I used to create DIYs which I read from magazines.
  7. And speaking of magazines… I used to spend the day flipping thru the pages of Candy Magazines. I may have read it many times before, but I can’t get enough of it, the color, the articles and the good stuff! Raise your hands, Candy Girls!
Taylor Swift in CandyMag!
For three consecutive years, Taylor Swift has been CandyMag’s cover girl. In these years, Taylor and Candy has evolved!

Does my photo look familiar? It’s featured in Candy Mag’s Instagram account. 

This is how the younger Ari spent her days at her staycation during the hottest season of the year. How’s your summer? Thoughts about my blog post?  xx



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