Our Divisoria Adventure

If you have read my former blog posts or “about me” page, you might remember that I have this thing for adventures. No matter how big or small they are – as long as I go places, let my mind wander and go to places I have never been – I’m surely up for it!

I also like to be with different people, I’m a social butterfly. Are you? It is not that bad to spend time with other people other than your main friends. Being with acquaintances exposes you to different point of views and stands towards life. I’m always fascinated whenever we have group works in our courses wherein the professor decides whom we shall work with. I love people! I just don’t know if they enjoy being with me!

Last Wednesday, we bought materials in Divisoria, Manila. It was unplanned but since some of the materials can be found there; Timmy, Ami, JJ and I started the adventure! It took us almost 2 hours to travel from Makati to Manila, given the scorching afternoon and never-ending traffic. Once there, we started with our business.

There were variety of cloths to choose from and it’s very cheap! We ended up buying stuff which we planned before not to instead borrow but no one knows where from. Again, it’s cheap! So, why not? It may be cheap but you can still bargain for lower prices! Bargaining with friends is another check on my list.

It wasn’t my first time to be in that area, but it was my first time not to be with my mom. All the things she used to do alone, was pulled off by our group. Who would’ve thought it will be that fun? Each one of us has purpose, I guess. We have navigator in the group, financier, keeper of the receipts but the deciding and bargaining role was experienced by everyone.

(We haven’t checked our phones for the entire search of props, costumes and other materials. Aside when Ami and Timmy was left behind, the sea of people got us separated! So, no photos here *sobs*)

As the dark sky approached, we hurried and checked everything off our list. We almost failed to buy paints due to long decision making (sorry, guys!) but good thing JJ was great in his pity-puppy eye look HAHAHAHA (peace!). It was a tiring day, we recharged energy at the nearby fast-food chain.

We need to refuel for a long walk to get to the train station or PNR. Again, another first time!!! It was a very long queue, nothing a chit-chat can’t handle. An hour passed by and the train arrived, if it wasn’t for the technical difficulty we might have left earlier. The frustrating thing was that the line wasn’t followed. Upon the hearing of train, the persons at the back rushed to the gate! WHAT THE HECK? How about the people who were there before them, who sat their ass*s down for hours while you were walking along the road thinking you’re on the moon? Feel my anger? My sympathy for those people?

My first PNR ride ever! || ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.com

Anyways, once on the train we thought it’ll be a great ride home. A smooth ride. Without nothing to think of. Enjoying the comforts of the hand bars. Leaning your back against it. Let the stress and tiredness evaporate. But on the second station, the train stopped. For minutes. On the next one, it did again. LONGER! That’s when the driver or whoever it is announced that we’re experiencing another technical difficulties!

My first PNR ride ever! || ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.com
Timmy, Ami, JJ and I in my Snapchat post

We had enough, went down and looked for another means of transportation. Since we’re at España, I somehow know the place. We rode UV express to Makati! Oh how great it is to be sitting on a comfy seat, with air conditioner and no technical difficulties!

Divisoria adventure with friends || ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.com
Ami, JJ and I at the backseat of UV express. Timmy got separated, though.

Glad we made it safely to Makati. Thank God, really! Once on the jeepney, we passed by the train station where we shall have dropped off if we have tons of patience with us. Good thing we backed out because there are a lot of people waiting for the train which might come hours later. We arrived home, tired, happy and safe! :)

It’s one helluva experience, something to keep and share with others.

I’m not pretty sure if I made any sense on my blog post but this is my kind of adventure! Do you have same experiences? xx


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