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House Samos Silver Look

There’s hangover for almost everything, right? Even for book signing events, there is! You can’t believe it? Well, you must because I am experiencing it. Every. Single. Time.

It’s been a week since Victoria Aveyard’s visit here and a week since I rocked (haven’t I?) that House Samos get up.

In case you don’t know yet, Victoria Aveyard is the #1 New York’s Bestselling Author of Red Queen and Glass Sword. It’s a story of a division of the commoners (Reds) and the elites (Silvers). Each Silver elite belongs to their family/house who posses such extraordinary power. Each house has its own distinguishing color and I decided to be part of House Samos. They are known for wearing black and Silver, but mostly Silver. They’re magnetrons – able to control metals! (How cool is that, huh?)
Well, actually I kinda love the antagonist, Evangeline Samos. She’s cool, brave and the epitome of a badass hahahaha. And it just so happen that I have silver outfits, so I told my friend that we should come in such ootds. I messaged her, while waiting for her reply it was like saying a little prayer, “I must not be alone on this! Please say, ‘YES!'” Thank God she came along with it!

I wore my silver long sleeves from H&M, which I just have worn twice! I’ve worn it before during Taylor Swift’s Red Tour – feeling 22! Think of the music vid! – and secondly the book signing event. Pretty sure  time permits it to be used just for special occasions haha.

House Samos Silver look

Good thing I save lots of clothes, you never know when you’ll need them next! This skirt was used in first year college when we did our part in the Foundation Week. So imagine, I’ve outgrown the skirt and not a black tights from Forever 21 can’t help.

House Samos Silver look

I wore wedges to add height, just little 5 inch won’t hurt. Plus, I thought Victoria Aveyard will notice me even more during her interview because I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall sans the wedges! But it’s really crowded, however she noticed my Samos aura – even my silver painted nails and hands!
House Samos Silver look

We can’t afford to wear a Silver wig, so we opted for hairspray! We used  washable Wish color spray brand. I decided to go ombré since I just had my hair treatment recently. My friends at school and my best friends loooove it, as they commented on my Facebook post.  I do love it, too! I wish it’s permitted in my school *sobs*
House Samos Silver look

Lastly, makeups will complete everything!!! I practiced the Silver make up the night before but I’m not an expert with the contouring part just yet. Thank God we got make overs for free! I’ll be sharing the story and I’ll blogging about it in a little while.

Thoughts about my blog post? I would like to hear from you! Which Silver elite house do you belong to? xx


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