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How Was I, So Far?

I haven’t been blogging unlike back when I was new to the blogosphere.

But let’s ditch the ningas kugon habit. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a Filipino trait wherein when someone (like me) is very enthusiastic doing things at the beginning, but at the end it’s unfinished or half-baked. I cannot promise, every day post or daily post as some may consider it but I’ll be blogging. Inspiration, please? Someone?

Everyone needs self-assessment, like “Self, are you still okay?”, “Have you gotten your sh*t together, self?”. I’ll base it upon Taylor Swift’s song ’22’. Obviously, I love Taylor Alison Swift! Who’s a Swiftie as well?


Happiness is contagious. I would love to affect everyone with the happiness I feel. Ask my friends, they know how enthusiastic I am everyday! But what hypes and pumps me up is the mere remembrance of the book signing event of Victoria Aveyard last weekend. It was so overwhelming and flattering. She appreciated our effort and even my Silver aura *giggles*. It was my first time to dress up as a character in a book, it’s not much but being a Silver elite, particularly from House Samos, is a win-win! I never expected book nerd to come and ask for photos :) I also met A LOT of book nerds, the admins of different fangirl Facebook groups and yeah, book nerds! (Have I mentioned that?)



Recently, I feel so stuck with a lot of things going on. I cannot go on, though some says that I can do it blah blah.. One step at a time blah blah… Balance things out blah blah… Easier said than done. Glad I freed myself! I cannot believe I crawled all the way past the campaigning for our student council, month-long bookstagramming, musical play, script writing and studying! I am not totally free, but I can finally breathe from those duties and ¬†obligations which imprisoned me for a while.



There will always, always be circumstances which can mess your head up. You’re doing this thing and then you do not know what your next move is gonna be. The struggle is the same thing after you figured out the first. Maybe it’s because I have reached the limit of my expectation and it had given me more experience than I thought . From there, I do not know how to move forward. But I know I want to move forward. Okay, what am I talking about? It’s all about being the president of my current org. Another academic year is ending and we need someone to take over. It has been my thing and I guess, I have done my part. It is a combination of yes and a no. I do not know what weighs more but whenever people ask me, I said “No.” but I know there’s a slight hint of a “Yes”. I think Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” is a perfect song choice haha :)

black, floral skirt and a strappy flats

Top from Stradivarius, Skirt Bazaar, Shoes @stephysshoppe on Instagram
How are you today?


4 thoughts on “How Was I, So Far?

  1. Simple things make me happy. I bought two books to read and itt was the first buzz I have felt all week. Lovely happy blog :) Makes me happy this find ,rainy morning in the U.K. lovely outfits :0


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