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Book Signing: Victoria Aveyard

My best book signing experience so far!

I have been attending book signings since July 2014. But so far, yesterday was the most attended event I have been to! Every announcement made by National Book Store is really much-awaited! I was hoping back then for Victoria Aveyard after reading her Red Queen which is REALLY good. I may have read a lot but this one’s different. REALLY. So imagine my twinkling eyes when I found out about her coming to the Philippines!!!

Finally, the date has come and I met her yesterday! Yes, March 6, 2016 at 3:53 pm according to my first photo on the phone haha. I’m one of 1,200 attendees who waited for her.

But let me share you my 12 hours of book signing experience…

I arrived at the place spotting my book signing buddy, Nikki between 5:30-6:00am, I guess. You think it’s early but there are book worms who spent the night outside the mall. You may think it’s weird but it’s totally normal for us. Nikki met 2 book worms, Chelsea and Marielle. Of course, we fangirled together and shared insights with regards with nothing else but books! But most of the time aside from sitting on the floor, waiting for the clock to strike 10am, we read our books. At 9:00am – 10(something)am, we started to head inside National Book Store to get registered. There’s just so many of us, so imagine how many books – copies of Red Queen, Glass Sword and Cruel Crown were there.

Victoria Aveayard's book signing ||

Once registered, Nikki and I head on to the department store to buy the stuff we need to complete the silver elite, House Samos, get upWe entered barely having anything on our faces, but we went out with full make up. How’s that for a black and silver ‘do?

Victoria Aveayard's book signing ||

It was really hard to move around since there are a lot of fans sitting around, plus I was wearing wedges and Nikki was in her heels. But Chelsea, guided us along the way until we’re nearer the stage. We even called her “manager” for being so supportive!

Victoria Aveayard's book signing ||
(c) Nikki

There were a lot of Scarlet Guards!!! If House Samos represented yesterday, of course, there’s Cal (Godwin) and Mare (Angel) too!


House Samos with Cal and Mare ||
House Samos with Cal and Mare


After Victoria Aveyard’s interview and after knowing that her surname is pronounced as /ah-ve-yard/ and not /eyv-yard/ (Yes! Our bookworm life is a lie), Nikki and I decided to stay at J.Co to have a good seat, relax and unwind just for a while. But before we got out, some fans had asked to take photos with us. It was very flattering. It was our first time to do such acts but gosh, THANK YOU :) Every single one of you is amazing!

Victoria Aveyard's book signing||

And of course the much awaited moment! Nikki was ahead of me so Victoria was quite taken aback when she saw that there’s 2 members from House Samos. She appreciated it and yeah, I just can’t get enough of everything in that very moment. Cannot find the right words for it.

I told the story of my Victoria Aveyard interaction on my Instagram account.
Victoria Aveayard's book signing || 

After we got our books signed, we stayed for a while and fangirled :) I don’t know whose phones were used, probably those who asked to have photos with us but it was very surreal. To those whom I met, thank you for that moment and I hope to see you soon.

Victoria Averard book signing buddies ||
Photo grabbed from Chelsea. Book signing buddies – Albea, Nikki, Angel, Chelsea, Marielle, Me and Sasa.

I learned so much from my fellow book nerds and spending 12 hours with them is indeed worth it! Too much book feels and fangirl feels and all the feels you can ever think of!

My words aren’t enough to explain such, but I guess you can picture out my happiness and excitement!

Victoria Aveayard's book signing ||
Me, Nikki, Marielle and Chelsea.


Victoria Aveayard's book signing ||

Have you been to the book signing? Have you seen me? Thoughts about my blog post? xx



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