Flatter… Flutter…

It is not every day that I’m able to hear a very great news or something that happened so great that I just cannot stop grinning from ear to ear.

Last week was helluva ride. A lot of things needed to be accomplished with different demands from diverse type of persons. These things need not only mind to sort and plan things, how to cross them off my list but also the strength¬†to do it. However, I was so burnout that I hadn’t done things. I slept over it but I am pretty sure I will be progressing. The best way to reward myself is to get some rest.

From last week’s tiring agendas and a weekend full of sleep – actually I only have Sunday for weekend because I go to school on Saturdays – I can say that better things came in the very first day of the week.

First thing in the morning after my prayer and mental-checking of the things I needed to do, I checked my social media notifs and was really flattered when my uncle from Norway has messaged me to make a poem. He saw my love for books and words. Well, my family is supportive but a relative overseas is huge!!!

Next thing is that when my group mates were practicing for our dance presentation (Imagine Salsa, Lambada, Belly dancing and Folk dance in a 3-5 minute routine), our organization adviser¬†asked me if there’s a chance I can host a school event the following day. Unfortunately, I have a report on the given time but I know I can do it. It was an honor to be asked but it filled my heart with joy when he said that the school administrator has requested me to do it. It’s not every day I hear such words.

The last thing is a two-way process I guess. I cooked pasta for my family this dinner. They liked my cooking and honestly, it was unplanned. I saw different types of pasta in the kitchen and see what I can do with it along with tuna flakes, parmesan cheese and basil.

These acts are simple but it meant to me. I was really a flattering Monday, I guess my heart did flutter… xx


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