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My 2016 Galentine’s Day


Bouquet of flowers, fancy dining, 100% Belgian chocolate, romantic songs and couples clinging to each other with a speck dust between them – these are just some of the things and scenarios you’ll see on Valentine’s Day. For some it is sweet and affectionate, but consider the ones who grew up watching their friends turned into lovers, going out on third wheel and keeping her bitter words, “Walang forever” (There’s no forever.) and still enjoying the love of herself.

You do not need to be in an intimate relationship in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’re still waiting for the right person to come along, you can celebrate with your girl friends ahead of February 14th. Gals and Valentine’s, Galentine’s Day is celebrated by most young women of today every February 13th.

It is a celebration of ladies being ladies.

Whether you’re flying solo or if you’re emotionally attached to someone, you’re privileged to celebrate. But remember that NO BOYS shall be ALLOWED during the party! Ladies will celebrate with the ladies.

Due to our busy schedule and with academics to focus on, we barely had time to prepare for today. However we successfully pulled this celebration off! Here’s how I spent my Galentine’s Day…

Celebrate Galentine's day! ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.com


After class, we bought the stuff we need for our celebration and head to our friend’s condo unit. It’s quite bizarre that we did everything quickly. With a white blanket as makeshift background (see the folds and creases? haha) , it’s not so bad after all.





Food is important in every event! Happy Galentine's Day. ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.com



Good food, great books and awesome presentation! Everything must be coordinated with our party – something cute and girly!






Happy Galentine's Day from Nikki, Sherina, I, Shekinah and Hannah.



We celebrate ladies and it’s a day to be lady-like. Make ups, light colors and florals – loooove! Because a little arte won’t hurt.





Happy Galentine's Day from me and my girl friends!
Happy Galentine’s Day from us – Nikki, Sherina, yours truly, Shekinah and Hannah.

Talking about life and crushes, dancing and singing like you’re on your own concert and celebrating the wonder of girl friendship – who needs a date on the 14th if you have amazing friends?

Thoughts about my blog post? Have you celebrated Galentine’s day as well? xx



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