February Bookstagram

Rainbow shelf by @ariannejanev. More of this at
Rainbow shelf still in progress of collecting more colors, I mean books.

I have a wide range of interests, and I am loving it. By merely looking at my Menu bar, you can take a glimpse of things that I fancy. One of them is reading (yeeeeees!), as I discover stories and visit worlds, I am driven by the words to write my own and so I blog!

There were circumstances which hindered me from writing and keep my space updated last month. *sobs* But anyways, for this month I decided to start bookstagramming! You do not know what does bookstagram is? How dare you? Hmmm… How can I explain? Well, i came from 2 words = Books and Instagram. Geddit?

I will post on my Instagram account, books, books and more books for the month of February. Not just books in its entirety and not also book reviews because I will be doing it here, but the feelings that came, come and are coming along with it. Or #bookfeels as we use it on line.

If you are a book nerd, bookworm, book sniffer, fangirl or a bookstagrammer – I hope you guys will follow me and guide me along as I start my bookstagramming!

Thoughts on my blog post for today? I would like to hear from you! xx


5 thoughts on “February Bookstagram

      1. Yeah, absolutely! When you know you are going to be so emotionally invested in a book that you’re torn between wanting to know the end and prolonging the experience. Definitely going to check out that series. :)

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