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Happy 1st Anniversary


You do love doing things, for how long will you be committed?
Being a novice blogger, it is an achievement to reach your first year. This blog, arianne writes stuff dot word press dot com, had its first anniversary just recently, January 20, 2016! Yay! *celebratory dance* (Save the date you guys! The blog and the blogger accepts gifts too hihi)

I do not want to sugarcoat much things but I wanna say THANK YOU. I wouldn’t be reaching this stage without you guys!

But here’s the thing, real thing…

Thank you my dear friends –
The Bucketlist Friends whom I spent time mostly on eat outs, going places and afternoon coffee. You loosen up the screws of the stressed Arianne. And I will treasure you forever because of that.
DUDE***** whom I may have rarely seen but the internet connection will always be the strongest. Thank you for pursuading me to write and for always believing in me. Please do this to my fellow blogger, Clarisse, as well. Encourage her to write more often. I love you my gorg girl friends.
To Ges, who is a WordPress blogger now too, for being the first person I consulted if I should blog.
To the persons involved in my blogging- especially the FEU Makati friends-  whom I constantly explained, messaged and coerced to give insights.
To my family, followers and stalkers who I inspired in the ways I am not aware of – and the other way around.
To the ones I blogged before, you are one of my inspirations. I bet you were surprised I have written something about you or maybe you do not know yet. Keep me inspired. Talk to me, or rather message me. *wink*
To my parents who were quite surprised that I blog and now I edit most of their messages/emails to clients and colleagues (but you are greater than I am Ma and Pa *wide smile*).
And especially, to God, the source of my strength, courage and ideas.

Thank you for keeping me company during my first year! Feel free to message me or send feedbacks/comments. Let me hear you! xx


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