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Why You Should Write Year-End Message From The Heart

2015 was one helluva ride!

I have included this in my year-end message to some of my friends -thanking them and including just a little hint of how they became special to me in some way they haven’t known themselves for. Without even knowing that it was luring and complimentary for them. My lack of filter has taken me into another level! Some said it was sweet and thoughtful.

However, one said I was crazy! (So here’s the thing, I composed a long message. I think it’s not heartfelt enough because I don’t want to pour out all emotions. But all my writings came from the heart. I don’t want to be blatant. You get the idea. And this person replied with a long laugh and said that I was baliw or crazy, lunatic or ridiculous.) 

Most of that night, I think I’ll be left in seenzone. Soon as they opened the message, there’s no indication they are typing. But the truth is, they are speechless. They don’t want to ruin my night with their silly or nonsense replies.  Good thing they admitted and replied just okay.

Well, you see I got different impressions from my readers, even if it’s just some kind of a personal message. I am pretty sure they appreciated its entirety because for all I know, the only thing that keeps them from partying and spending time with their loved ones is a beep or notification only to read “Happy New Year *insert emojis* “. You are lucky if they included something cool. But it’s the thought that counts, they said. *oooops!*

So I spiced up my year-end message with the words I think they deserve to read. But I guess only a few people have the courage to message and tell them almost everythingIt was sincere, they said. Some reminisced with me. While others stayed till the morning. I hope they were pretty sober, in order for the sugar-coated words of tipsiness or drunkenness to be averted.

I hope sometime this year, before hitting ‘send’ you think deeply. Think of this person and the moment you felt excessively wonderful with him or her. Because you do not have everyday the chance. The chance to let the words go. It may be one helluva ride and please make a pit stop by telling him or her how thankful you are. Take the opportunity to say or write -if it holds you back- the words he or she deserves to hear or to read, something from deep within. It may not only help you get the baggage out but also, you made someone’s day! Trust me. xx


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