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This was in my drafts for a long time!!! Gosh what am I doing? Hahaha okay here goes the result of my stupidity *why so harsh to yourself?*

I certainly cannot give you the exact date and time when I fell in love with the books. But its was Jenny Han’s book signing last June 2014 that actually made book signings my thing. And so I always seek to attend one. Waking up early just to get early slots, braving the wind and floods and yeah even the distance cannot keep me from meeting authors! So when I heard that three authors will come here at one event, hell yeah! I NEED TO ATTEND THAT ONE.

So here are my fave pictures from the event! Yaaay!

  • Morning selfie with my book buddies – Nikki, Cloie and Vianca – while waiting for the gates of ShangriLa Mall to open.
  • IMG_4710

    We took photos at the couches! Okay, later on those couches will be occupied by THEM!!!IMG_4723

  • Epic Reads catalogue. My letters for them. My signing passes! Loving the colors!


  • Let the book signing begin! But I’m afraid that further photos of the event will not be posted *saaaad!*

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