Open Letters


You’re always inside me;
Thoughts I ponder in my head,
Words that my mouth dies to utter,
And in my very careful heart.

My heart that beats for you.
I am telling you this,
I braved my demons for you to know,
For you to know what I’m keeping.
I hope you’ll share me yours.
Am I in your head?
Am I allowed to be?
Have I made it inside enough for you to think of me?
Think of me even of the slightest hint,
Have you done it?
Will you?
Do you smile,
Upon hearing my name?
Do your pupils dilate,
Upon my sight?
Do your dimples show,
Upon reading my posts?
I wanted to know.
Wanted to know how you feel.
I don’t know if I should.
Because I am afraid,
Afraid that your demons will be out and play.
Play games,
Make fun,
Of my bravery.
Maybe I must not know.
It’s probably better off this way.
It’s for the best.
Maybe I didn’t make it inside you.


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