3 Bible Verses To Guide You In Life

Since I’ve been in a cell group, we do our bible readings followed by a devotion. From my readings, I’ve been saving phrases which can be my mantra. I bet you have one, too – the words you are living by and the words to keep you going in life’s tough situations.

 So here are 3 bible verses to guide you as you go along the wonderful journey of life!


Living at the Moment. This is my current mantra. Call it my fave? Oh yes! What are you waiting for? Life will not come to you, you must make life happen. Every moment must be seized because life will just pass by and tomorrow, you’ll be facing completely different but fresh circumstances.

James 4:14 from

Loving someone truly. We hear people say admiration to their other half, read messages of appreciation from long-time-no-see friends and see others exchange gifts as sign of their affection. These are just actions, but do they really mean it? One does not simply says she loves Jesus, do not just say it. Mean it. Prove it.

Romans 12:9. Bible verses at ariannewritesstuff.wordpress,com

Doing what is right and just. Sacrifices are good. You show your inner abnegation or selflessness and setting yourself aside. But better do things with clean hands and pure heart when you are helping others – with these acts, God is more delighted.

Proverbs 21: 3. Bible verses at



I hope these 3 bible verses may help you :) Or if you have some mantras in mind, comment them below and let’s talk about it.

P.S. You may save these photos I uploaded – what a great way to remind you of God’s words!!! xx



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