It’s the season to be jolly!

Christmas is just around the corner and New Year is coming.

Ever since I started blogging, I haven’t published something of a journal type. The thing where I just spill what’s on my mind. I filter what I publish from what I keep in my writing journal.

But a writer must be generous haha. Maybe it is time for a change, I should just let you know something. Something random.

I just finished “My Heart and Other Black Holes” by Jasmine Warga. It is about Aysel and Roman who was brought by fate to be Suicide Partners. As they plan on how to get to their end, they revealed their dark empty pasts and started to fill each other’s lives. This book is actually good, I never got bored reading. After I read each chapter, there’s an itch to continue. Little did I know, I have marked a lot of phrases! Just as I what I do with my books, I put arrow sticky flags to parts, lines and quotes I find fascinating. Moreover, this is not morbid as you think it is. It gave me a wider understanding towards life. That’s a fun fact about me, or weird rather. When I encounter something harsh or irrational, I try to find something good out of it. No matter what the circumstances are, there’s more to it than just THAT. This is the second book I read with suicide issue, the first one was “I Was Here” by Gayle Forman. The thing with these books I guess are the characters are looking for answers. In “My Heart and Other Black Holes”, they are trying to find a hope – a reason to live even though they want to die. While “I Was Here”, Cody is trying to put the puzzle pieces of her best friend’s death. They are supposed to be best friends – informing each other about everything- but why the sudden incidence?

So if you know someone who is depressed or just looking for someone to talk to, even in the middle of the night. Listen and talk to them. Wait, maybe it is best if you listen. Let them know that someone acres at least. You never know what your friend is capable of. Maybe he/she has a black slug living in him/her waiting for the trigger.



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