Powerful Little Things

Most people nowadays are in constant search of the greatness. I am one of those who are not satisfied with things just for the accomplishment and its existence. I look for something huge, weird and maybe different but less of a mind-boggling superhero stunt.

I keep on looking for the greatness – close to perfection of things. As a doer, I do things not for the sake of achievement but more of necessity and transcendence. I keep on going and doing that I always end up tired and barely can take another step. If only I can take a step back…

I focus on my bigger perspectives that I forget the little things that I needed and longed for.

Fortunately, there are occurrences recently, had a realization that those LITTLE things can fix and fill the hole in me.


  1. Power HUG – Hugs are important. I find comfort and love whenever someone gives a hug. And what’s the best thing to do when someone hugs you? HUG THEM BACK, TIGHTLY! Yeah, even if that surprised you *blush*. We give hugs when we’re happy, we just cannot handle all our sh*ts together. Sometimes to comfort others, or just for the existence of sympathy. And most especially, you hug someone you haven’t seen in a while. As if your connected bodies, leaving just a dust of air to fill your spaces, can make up for the lost time and memories.

  2. Power NAP – College students barely sleep. Not for the sake of scrolling down smartphones in the middle of the night stalking their crushes, talking about their crushes and talking to their crushes. In real life, there are workloads! Thesis, assignments, readings, recitations, exaaaams etc. you name it. In times of sleep sacrifices, I need to take some rest. It may be bizarre but I was thankful for the time I was in the library, reviewing for night class – one subject with quiz and one subject with recitation. I had taken a nap for minutes!!! So quiet I thought I was left alone, forgetting I was in the library. Hahaha! That nap had given me a jumpstart for my major subjects and all went well.

  3. Power of BELIEVING – In your everyday life, there are instances – no matter how big or small you’re doing it for a purpose. A purpose you do not know, but the one in heaven do. He sees you and watches your every move. I may be doing things which stretched me out to limits. I guess. But I keep on doing my thing and believing that I will be able to accomplish these because He is with me. Always take time to think of and appreciate Him. Just believe.