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Chronicle Your Serene Days

2016 Serenitea Diary more at ariannewritesstuff.wordpress.comAs the year comes to its end and Holiday season is really in the air – maybe right now you’re thinking of what present to ask for the Holidays, which sumptuous food you will have on the table, how much aguinaldo will you get, where to spend your Christmas vacay, when to get things done and whole lot bunch of questions for the overthinking you – something is on your mind and you continuously think about it. You know what? Let them out of your head! We’ll be opening another book of a great year in a few weeks.

And a perfect way to celebrate is by getting something to keep you accompany all throughout the 366 days – shouldn’t it just be 365? It’s leap year! *wink* – of 2016.

Chronicle your serene days with the 2016 Serenitea Diary, Your Serenity Starter Kit. It is inside a white drawstring bag with “Have a Moment of Serenitea” print composed of the 2016 Serenitea Diary and 2 washi tapes. 

2016 Serenitea Diary more at

It is called their 2016 diary, but I guess it can be a journal and a planner for your innermost thoughts.

“Your journal functions as a regular planner, but can do so much more to enrich your life. Organize your schedule, plan out your weeks and months; but also incorporate your diary to map out your milestones towards achieving serenity in your life.”

This will help you to visualize your goals, wishes and triumphs as days pass by. Your aspirations will not be achieved if you do not stay committed, this diary comes with a commitment log to keep you reminded of your goals.


The planning part comes in weeks. And there are spaces to jot down the most important thing you can do for yourself, memories you wanted to keep, track for your well-being, artsy (or not-so-artsy) doodles and little details you want to be reminded of. Keep your mind in tranquility state with the inspiring messages to keep you guided each week.

There is a sufficient space on which to write your deep thoughts, so that those aren’t messed among all the other features in the planner and the grid lines are perfect for your lettering practices.

2016 Serenitea Diary more at

I find the budget tracker fascinating. There are columns for my starting balance, cash in, cash out and ending balance. I am an Accounting Technology major and yeah, accounting is everywhere.

2016 Serenitea Diary more at

It also comes with a pocket at the back for you to stuff small pieces of paper like receipts or movie tickets. But you can also stick them on to the pages using Serenitea washi tapes.

This can be availed with a single receipt worth Php 1,200.00. You think it’s impossible to have a ton of food and drinks? Well here’s the catch, you can avail gift certificates. You have GCs and now you have a planner. You finally have a Holiday present for your loved ones and a present for yourself!

2016 Serenitea Diary more at

One last thing, do not forget to try their Choco Holiday Series with Toblerone. It comes with 3 delightful flavors of Chocolate Dream with Dark Chocolate, White Chaffe Mocha with Milk Chocolate and Cranberry Bliss with White Chocolate which is my fave! Hope you give yourself a moment of serenitea.

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Thoughts about my blog post? Do you have your 2016 planner too? Let’s talk about it! xx


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